Letter Jewish immigrant from Germany home to Russia


Hello Mom and Dad. You were, as always smarter than me, and do not leave here as Jewish immigrants. Here we are officially called Kontingentfluchtling. Unofficially, who as you can: the "continent", and the Jews, and Jews simply. But most of all we are called Russian.

For several years pravitelvtvo Germany takes us, the Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union have, in their harsh hands. In Moscow, Leninsky Prospect at number 95 (the German consulate) is, almost every day, a small collection of candidates. These Jewish citizens have the right to join the ranks of a depleted once the Jewish population of Germany and, thus, reduce German reparations payments to Israel. They are the servants slips through the bars of this building their profiles and passports, and after some time, will be entitled to enter Germany for permanent residence. Many go.

Upon arrival it turns out that, as usual, the refugees are not wanted, and so have many come in large numbers, etc. Obviously, no one rasprstertymi us with open arms did not wait. But it is not driven away. No appetite for hunger and, as has happened before, not burned in the stove. We live well. Upon arrival, we carry about in the dorm in which we live a couple of years. Our state feeds. Obtain the so-called social assistance. The food is cheap enough shops. We walk in the dumps, we select the broken bicycles and furniture. Furniture wear out in his little room in the hope of later moved with her to the apartment. Repaired bicycles our main means of transportation. Machine we have is prohibited ("deprive welfare!"). Imagine the nightmare German official: Peace on German streets liquid travels by car, then a Chechen on the tank, and then what? Then the officer in fear of waking up and smiling that it was only a dream zasypant peacefully in his bed again prayed to the wise laws of Germany.

The state did not zabyvet. We are taught half the German language in special schools. We bow as poor students and the teacher: we are not Germans, we are refugees, we must work, we must work at any job, if you refuse to work we will be deprived of help from the state, we are supposed to citizenship only after 14 years.

It takes six months. Yemetsk language courses are over. We find ourselves in the street to themselves. Of course in my head is "Gut," "I," "Nine" and some more memories about teachers, consisting mainly of the same as we are, but just before the Germans arrived accent, Poles, Germans, Romanians, Germans scoops. Those who are younger, finds a job "take more — throw farther" in tempo "schnell, schnell". These lucky people are renting apartments, multiply. It is important to remember the old rule — poor environmental conditions — multiply! Do not forget the new rule — we are more — they are smaller.

Resistant part of our youth studying in a course to new specialties (after the scandals of the labor market pays us), universities (not confirmed after shovels universities all begins with the first course, so to say: Mom, Dad, spoon, cat, aluminum saucer.) Lazy part of our Youth picks his nose, his fingers tightening the curly hair, lying on the sofa with the TV practicing the German language, secretly ("deprive aid from the state!" "will lose their refugee status!") from the State travels to scoop.

A large part of us sitting on the neck of the state and waking up in the morning thinking of how to kill today. The reasons for that are two. First — there is no work for the educated and semi-educated with a scoop of terrible Russian accents. Well, that kill, it is not cursed! The second — an extremely cool attitude to the local alien. We did not beat the beat, but do not particularly want to see. Restrictions on the profession for foreigners too have.

All mum and dad. I finish writing a letter. We have to run to work. This I work, so as not to deprive me state aid. Organization issuing me a monthly cash allowance, found me a job landscaping my new hometown. In addition to the manual I get 2 German marks per hour. Yes, I was an engineer and now I vacuum truck. But in Germany there is no crime, and the evening is not scared to go out. Only now I think, why go? Where to go?


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