Licence to Kill


The incident with the murder of office of the FBI agents in Florida Chechens suspected of involvement in the recent terrorist attacks during the Boston Marathon, received an unexpected sequel. Journalistic investigation showed that over the past decade, the Bureau agents used weapons against suspects (and got them) for a total of 150 times, and never (!) Internal investigation did not impose any sanctions on the shooters. This may indicate either the absolute infallibility of the FBI, or the existence of a true "license to kill".

Reporters from the New York Times used the Law on the Right to Information (Freedom of Information Act), and the courts have forced the FBI to provide them with information about all incidents similar to a gunfight in Orlando, which had killed Ibrahim Todashev. The importance of this point is that, unlike the majority of other cases, it was a key witness (and suspected) in a major case of terrorism, and the relatives of Chechen-bombers, and many American political commentators have argued that the whole point was a provocation organized by the secret services — too many inconsistencies and ambiguities was the official version of the massacre in Boston.
And in the case in Orlando were also very big questions: FBI somehow could not converge in opinion as to whether the Todashev armed with a knife, a metal pipe, or nothing at all is not armed, and whether or not he attacked the agents of the Bureau. Swift and right internal investigation did not reveal the slightest violations, but his progress and results showed reporters a suspiciously similar to the other 149 cases that occurred from 1993 to 2011
According to data provided by the Bureau reluctantly, as a result of 150 cases of the effective use of weapons killed 70 and wounded 80 suspects. In none of the cases of firing agents have not been recognized in the abuse of power, as practice shows, the police, the cops are not infallible happens, they are all — just people who tend to make mistakes. The FBI has not commented on the alleged "license to kill" (or the policy of deflating the sins of agents on the brakes?), But notes that in recent years, a range of five agents were reprimanded for the use of weapons, in this case, the total number of shootings amounted to 289 — about half of the the agent may not fall or fired into the air.

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