Like a bolt from the sky — snow instead of an Indian summer, the island after the earthquake, showers instead of sandstorms

September 29, 2013. Storm mist — this week at the Capital Region poured nearly ten times the rate of precipitation and weather forecasters managed to upset half the country — instead of the promised Indian summer came to woman's winter. Mexico attacked simultaneously two hurricanes: from the Atlantic and the Pacific, Asia, the sky is pouring so hard that even the rainy season rate exceeded tenfold. It seems that abyss of heaven opened wide. And this is not the end — Europe already promised the coldest winter for a hundred years, and America — a powerful cyclone.

Counting temperature records — the beloved national entertainment. But what to do if the weather is really giving a reason? In September, Russia ahead of time Snow fell — So even Chukchi surprised. Moscow hits record traditionally Shopping — boots and umbrellas. The city developed into a three-month rainfall. On the Black Sea coast of unprecedented hurricanes and flooding.

"I've lived here since '78, in the Lazarev, this September has not been all the rain, no sun," — said Alexander Isayev.

Alexander is protected from the elements with the European umbrella attractions. Heavy rains may seem childish pranks weather compared to what awaits Europe next winter.

"Blue is frozen. You see on the map — blue painted Russian, Eastern and Southern Europe, up to Spain, "- said meteorologist Dominik Jung.

Dominique Young admits that he is cold to even look at your map. Well, the harsh winter in Russia. But the Siberian winter in Germany!

"The Germans love it when Christmas is snow on the street, and they are sitting at home by the fireplace. But only one day "- says meteorologist Dominik Jung.

It is said to be the coldest winter in 100 years. This is not easy to go through, but it is easy to imagine. What would the news reports, if Europe has become as cold as Siberia:

— "Navigation in the Strait of Le Mans this year was over very early. Rescuers went in search of a passenger ship, bound in the ice. "

— "Davos Economic Forum will take place, despite the 40-degree weather! Road services are working around the clock! "

— "In the Lake of Geneva held a competition on ice fishing. The winner of the competition pulled out of the hole fish weighing 57 pounds! "

— 'England squad, beating Canada, reached the final of the World Hockey Championship! "

— "In Venice, the traditional festival opened an ice sculpture. At the Biennale came wizard cutting across the ice from all over Europe. "

Such news is all the more ridiculous that in recent years the global warming scare the planet.

"At the moment, scientists say, saw his mistake. They have introduced a new concept — "respite in global warming." It sounds pretty ridiculous, "- says meteorologist Dominik Jung.

Ireland has covered 15 feet of snow in April. The moment when the normally green grass, and the cattle are put out to pasture. Now farmer Mack Henry is preparing for another winter: it strengthens the roof barns. Stored hay and courage.

"I do not know what else to do. If it is a cold and snow 10-15 feet, you can not do anything, be even inveterate strong man "- says farmer James Mc Henry.

Even meteorologists do not feel the weather, as the peasants. James Mack Henry is now generally doubted whether, in these volatile areas in the future to engage in agriculture.

"I remember my grandparents said that the flood is coming. But the flood was an event for them! And we have so now every other week or every week at all, "- says Mack Henry.

Irish farm is located on the 55th parallel of north latitude. It also Omsk and Novosibirsk. Warm winter in Europe only because the coast for — Gulf Stream. If you would dive into the Atlantic with the camera imager can see two trends: the top — warm Gulf Stream at the bottom — very cold and a little more than insipid stream Labrador. In this "little more" — the whole point.

"Now, as it were, the amount of fresh water has increased dramatically at this very Labrador Current. And he begins to rise higher and higher. And he just cut off the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream begins to flow in the second scenario — the scenario of the Ice Age, "- says the geologist, explorer Vladimir Polevanov.

This scenario would have left more than a dozen years, if not for the accident on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, where born for. According to one version, reagents, which were trying to drive the oil slick on the bottom, violated complex natural mechanism. And the Gulf Stream began to delaminate prematurely.

The study of the Gulf Stream today spend millions of dollars, as well as on global warming. Both camps Scientists Use weather anomalies as evidence for his theory. But no one can give a hundred percent forecast.

"Forecasts for the week, which can be trusted, global forecasts do not exist! For example, even explain the ice ages that have been in geological terms recently — 10-15 thousand years ago, the ice age ended, explanation, unfortunately, researchers estimated there is still no ", — said the head of the Siberian Research Institute of Hydrometeorology Valery Tokarev.

Meteorologist Valery Tokarev said that the mystery of the past — this is the solution of the future. After all, the fact that Europe lay under a sheet of ice, and Greenland was green island. But here's the fever from which planet? While the answers to these questions can be prepared for any scenario.

Source: The first channel

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