«Lockheed Martin» intends to build «SPACE FENCE»

Lockheed Martin Company for the U.S. Air Force has identified its final proposal for the construction of Space Fence («Space Fence»), which will allow to make a better overview of cosmic space and observation of orbital objects, including of cosmic debris, reports now spacedaily.com. The company competes for this contract with Raytheon, which also submitted its proposal.
The system will change the existing radar network in the U.S. Air Force Space Surveillance System, which has been deployed since 1961. «The current system was not designed for tracking hundreds of thousands of cosmic debris devices that are now potentially threaten the International of cosmic stations, manned flights and satellite constellation of our country,» said vice president of control systems of cosmic space, Steve Bruce (Steve Bruce). «With many years of experience in the development of massive S-band radar, our company offers the Air Force system that will significantly improve situational awareness,» he added.
U.S. Air Force plans to begin construction of the first object Space Fence on Kwajalein Atoll (Marshall Islands) in the autumn of 2013, by 2017 the system must enter a step initial operational capabilities. Price of the contract is estimated at 1.9 billion U.S. dollars over 7 years.
Massive new S-band radars will allow U.S. Air Force time to detect objects with high accuracy and coverage. Earlier this year, the company revealed the newest layout radar system that has demonstrated the ability to solve assigned tasks.
Currently, worldwide there are more than 400 «lokhidovskih» S-band antennas, the company is a world leader in this technology. In conjunction with the implementation of programs from Lockheed Martin will work company General Dynamics, AMEC and AT and T, as having many years collective experience in the field of cosmic, including the design and manufacture of sensors, processing systems, cataloging, orbital mechanics, net-centric systems and connection.

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