London pollution reached record levels

Pollution has reached record levels in London Facts

Beginning in 2008, in the northern part of England and France, there is a concentration of exhaust gases and dust make a record high air pollution.

Photo: Smog over the central area of London in April 2011.

On March 15, 2012, air pollution in London has exceeded all performance. There are several reasons: during windless weather dusty air flow in combination with the exhaust gases are most obvious in the big cities like New York and Leeds. Windless weather means that the exhaust gases from cars and trucks did not take, mixed with pollutant-saturated air, brought from the industrial areas of the north of France.

Official monitoring stations in the capital recorded the concentration of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other substances that exceed strict standards proposed in 2008. Particularly dangerous small particles PM2.5, capable of rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and cause more damage to the lungs than larger particles PM10. Pollution in London worsened since spring 2011, when the government was forced to declare an alarm in the strongest smog. This state of affairs is particularly worried the authorities ahead of the Summer Olympic Games in 2012, which could affect the situation.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs recommends that all adults and children suffering from lung and heart diseases, to minimize heavy physical activity, while the level of air pollution exceeds the limit. The rest of the population is also recommended to reduce the load.

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