M-52T — self-propelled gun of Turkish Armed Forces

M-52T - self-propelled gun of Turkish Armed Forces
Turkish self-propelled gun (SPG) M52T is a modernized version of obsolete M52 artillery systems of the South American production late in 1950.
Tests of the upgraded version of ACS were completed in 1994 and the creation began in 1995. In total, 365 self-propelled guns were modernezirovanny M52 to version M52T.
The Turkish army is the sole operator of this artillery system, writes moddb.com.
Unique small barrel 105 mm howitzer cannon was replaced by a 155-mm / L39. The same gun was used for German M109A3. The highest range is 18 km with a standard projectile, 24 km with shaped projectile and 30 km with rocket boosters.
Unique internal combustion engine M52 was replaced by a new, more economical diesel engine MTU. It should be noted that running the internal combustion engine was only 160 miles.
M52 (Eng. 105 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer M52) — self-propelled gun (SPG) United States period of the 1950s, class self-propelled howitzers.
Detroit arsenal was created during 1948-1950 based on the component of the light tank M41, along with ACS M44. M52 was intended to spoof these machines since the 2nd World War and became the first postwar SAU last generation — one hundred percent closure of the tower assembly.
Because of the outbreak of the Korean War, M52 was hastily put into creating that, in combination with a number of components neotrabotannosti led to countless technical dilemmas in the course of its operation. Total 1951 684 SPG was released this type, but only in 1955 they, after several revisions, were taken into service and began to enter the army.
M52 was considered maloudachnyh and as a consequence, the perineum, the type of ACS and used by U.S. troops during the comparable period of the laconic, before the start of mass production of ACS M108 / M109.
M52 was a significant part in the upcoming exported in a number of states, used by Jordan in the Six Day War, and, as of 2010 ACS has followed features:
SAU weight composes 29.5 m
dDlina body ~ 5.8 m
width ~ 3.15 m
Height ~ 3.32 m
the main instrument of 155mm howitzer — barrel length 39 calibers
machine guns 1 x 7.62 mm
Most firing range 18/24/30 km
MTU Diesel engine Power 450 hp engine

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