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U.S. military for almost the Japanese island of Okinawa banned from drinking outside the base. The ban was introduced after a series of (long-term — Ed.) incidents of drunken soldiers. Last occurred on November 30 when the driver-American, being drunk, crashed into three cars. Shortly before that, the U.S. military has been arrested for trespassing into someone's house (he was subsequently sentenced to a fine of 100,000 yen, while the military has admitted that drinking all night). In October, two American sailors were arrested on suspicion of rape, and in early November, the U.S. military pilot suspected of beating a teenager. Because of the protests of local cross-eyed had to impose a curfew from 23:00 to 5:00, and then a ban on visits alone in bars and other places that sell alcohol.

In Germany, the court acquitted the teacher who raped six months in a school girl. 32-year-old teacher of mathematics and religion saved by the fact that he raped a "foreign" student. The girl was taught by another teacher, a pedophile only a few times to come to her class for a replacement. According to the 174th article of the Criminal Code of Germany, even teachers can engage in sexual relations with a 16-year-old "their" wards and 14-year-old "strangers."

Number 1 Two mosquito-gay heavily in love with each other. A mosquito sat down on my knees and asked his partner up. Partner was euphorically happy and danced the dance of happiness. The next day they flew together to Las Vegas. 

Number 2 Sexy mouse and very strange hedgehog encountered in the club on the dance floor. Mouse invites hedgehog dance. During the dance, they are starting to show their best movement. Mice lacking the hedgehog its paw and quickly drags him to the bathroom. Mouse explains that she very much wants sex. In the door of the toilet runs angry bear, hedgehog missing the collar and lead him home. Mouse comes to comfort obsession protein, which offers her to dance a waltz forest. The morning came, all four behind a rich night. Bear faint from the pain in his back, as the hedgehog was very heavy. Protein shakes with fear, as the mouse was rude to her …

You After reading the script for a dance competition among school children in Estonia. As explained by the organizers planned their competition "offers fun and at the same time informs and reminds about the seriousness of HIV and other diseases that spread through sex."

In the Finnish town of Lappeenranta man in a particularly brutal form of killing a nurse who came to the house of his 6-month old baby, and then committed suicide. The motive of the crime is not known

A company representative Nexco, served the Japanese in a collapsed tunnel road "Sasago" (due to the deaths of nine people), made to explain the causes of what happened: blame rust: Steel for years of operation of the retaining structure may have lost strength or just rust. Now we assume that we could come loose anchor bolts in the ceiling structure, — he explained. Previously it was assumed that the cause of the collapse were the tremors, but not seismologists recorded earthquakes in the area of Japan.

Homeless man who gave police boots, again goes to New York barefoot. "These shoes I hid. They were so expensive that could cost me my life, "- explained the poor

In the U.S. state of Nebraska police grabbed a girl who was accused of robbing a bank after the idiotic self-exposure. American posted a video clip online, which proudly describes the crimes committed and demonstrates its prey, "I just stole a car and robbed a bank. Now I'm rich and I can pay for college education. And tomorrow I'll do shopping. " However, pathological scammers — the Americans did not share her joy and snitched on Hannah to the police. Moreover, Internet users have identified the robber before the roller watched by the police.

Bomzhevatogo-looking black man something loudly to himself discussed on the platform of the New York subway and received a comment from standing next to the passenger. After a few seconds of wrangling last went to his last flight on the rails under the wheels of an approaching train.

In Munich, found dead 47-year-old woman who was raped for days in his house men. Antje Krupnick was arrested after being tortured sex in his apartment occasional guest. When he called up the police, the woman offered and guards about to sleep with her. And Africans with whom Antje met on the bus, she brought to tears 36-hour sex marathon. On the death of nymphomaniac told her neighbor and another lover.

25-year-old Christopher Krumm broke into the computer science class at the American College of Casper and killed a bow of his own father and his girlfriend. The motive for the massacre was revenge for the fact that the victim gave his son a life, awarding him the hereditary diseases. The attacker cut my throat at the murder scene, inflicting many wounds himself with a knife.

Masked men stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver head of the German insurance company

Israeli military police launched an investigation into the disappearance of engines for the F-16 fighters from one of the units in the center of the country. According to investigators, the theft took place with the participation of a number of military personnel working on this basis, since otherwise the robbers would have to deal with a complex system of protection.

Good news from the state of Washington. Here, in one day legalized same-sex marriage and marijuana.

Sutyazhnik-distance runner from the United States, the author of a dozen books with tips such as "how to make money on the complaints of thousands of dollars", "how to get everything to be in your", "how to overcome challenges of everyday life," 83-year-old Ralph Cherell initiated a new trial proceedings. At this time the "ugly old man" brought charges against her former lover, 73-year-old Avril Brenig — for the fact that she threw him out of his apartment for the bitch character.

In the U.S. trial of the spouses, who turned 16-year-old girl into a sex slave and published photos of her in a trendy izvraschenskih dirty magazines. For seven years a resident of Missouri, Edward Bagley and his wife abused girl, suffering mental retardation. When the captive grew, the attackers were invited to his house and other sadists. They also drove a "family attraction" in California, where she was engaged in prostitution under the supervision of "Masters of Ed."


Police arrested 29-year-old high school teacher in the town of Clayton on charges of raping a 15-year-old student. Schoolboy admitted that at least 10 times had had sex with a teacher. He proved the fact of abuse that described in detail the appearance of the intimate parts of the body perverts with her tattoo.

British Prime Minister called for the consecration of gay marriage in the church. David Cameron has promised to support the draft legislation allowing religious organizations to marry same-sex couples.

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