Made from them — 34

In the "mystical" Wednesday (12.12.12) father of the U.S. office knife cut on the back of his infant son, the pentagram (five-pointed star) to postpone the end of the world.

20-year-old American Adam Lantz (pictured) had a fight with my mother, killed her, having made 4 shots to the head, then went to the elementary school where she worked. Adam there with rifles Bushmaster AR-15 and two pistols Glock and Sig Sauer broke in 20 children, most of whom were only six or seven years and six adults — all were women. He shot at people at close range — almost point-blank, finishing off the wounded. Some fired several bullets. By the arrival of the special forces and rescue services — and they arrived almost immediately after the call — a young man committed suicide, also shot himself in the head.

In the U.S. city of Portland (Oregon) Two people were killed, a dozen injured in a shooting in a shopping mall. Fire was opened by a man in body armor, armed with a semi-automatic rifle. The criminal perpetrate violence in the mall food court. According to witnesses, he made 20 to 60 shots.

42-year-old Marcos Gurrola opened fire at the mall parking lot Californian city of Newport Beach. The attacker managed to release 50 bullets, and at an incredible coincidence there were no casualties.

In an emergency rescue service U.S. woman called and called the address block of flats near the town of Longmont, then the dispatcher heard her screaming, "No! No! No, "followed by a series of shots. Then the man took the phone and told the dispatcher that he was going to kill himself. After that, another shot sounded. Arriving at the address police Special Forces SWAT fighters found in the house the bodies of four adults — two men and two women.

Arms dealers in the United States: "We have already made the biggest revenue for the last 20 years. Today, I think this record will be broken "

Dozens of schools in the United States were closed on December 20 in anticipation of the end of the world.

The military tribunal sentenced a Marine, to help the camera lenses on the corpses of Afghans, to 30 days in jail and a fine of two thousand dollars

Chicago police searching for a young black man who attacked the girl in the subway. "He had a sock filled with his feces," — said the victim. This "bomb shit" criminal tossed right in the face of a student. As a result, the victim was smeared with excrement from head to toe. "It (the shit) was everywhere — on my face, my hair and clothes"

FBI agents began to search activities by viewing the video on the Internet, where a woman has sex with a child under the age of four or five years. Experts believe that the survey was conducted in the United States, the slag and its prey are still in the country. Previously, she was arrested 40-year-old resident of Portland (Oregon), Michelle Lee Freeman, who outraged over his 9-year-old daughter. Witness the disgusting scene was a six year old sister of the victim and her father Michael, who was filming the event on camera. Later, images of rape were placed 39-year-old Michael Serapis Freeman on the Web to sell to other pedophiles.

Unknown on a country road in Pennsylvania opened fire, killing three. The incident resulted in three injured soldiers. In one of them hit a bullet stuck in a bullet-proof vest. Another was injured by broken glass, another injured in an accident involving a dead hand.

December 24 at about 6 am a man opened fire on fire when they arrived to put out the fire in one of the houses on the shore of Lake Ontario. As a result, two firefighters were killed and two were wounded. Also injured a police officer, entered into a gunfight with a criminal

In New York, grabbed a crazy woman, confronted by a passenger train station. The unfortunate death, never realizing what happened to him. The American, spihnuvshaya man under the wheels of the train, before talking to herself and wandered along the platform, and when the passenger was on rails — quickly ran away. "I pushed off the platform of a Muslim, because I hate Muslims and Hindus. Since 2001 they attacked the twin towers, I pursue them "- the woman explained his actions to the police. A similar crime took place in New York on December 3: then the mayor assured that this happens "very rarely."

Made from them — 33

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