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Rupert Murdoch apologized for the caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, published in the British newspaper he owns The Sunday Times. "We need to bring deep apologies for this grotesque, insulting caricature" — forced to defend the media mogul after it traversed the Jews of the British community

Obama signed a law approved earlier by both houses of Congress, which authorizes U.S. intelligence agencies without a court order to listen to phone conversations and view e-mail foreigners outside the United States. Two weeks later an American non-governmental organization Freedom House has published an annual report in which Russia is a list of the most inveterate non-free and totalitarian countries.

In California, a man fired on a crowd of spectators who were waiting for the fireworks: two dead and three wounded.

An armed man took several hostages in a private house in the U.S. city of Aurora (Colorado). The negotiations failed, during the assault inside the home killed four people, including the attacker.

In the U.S. city of Boston airport caught fire in the parking lot airliner Boeing-787 Dreamliner, which manufacturers call "dream plane". Read more about the news in the U.S. aircraft industry

In the U.S. states of Ohio, Texas and Utah earned a free shooting training courses for teachers.

In New York, a ferry crashed into a pier: More than 50 people were injured

Another school shooting in the United States. In one of the schools of California Taft 16-year-old student opened fire. Two people were injured.

In the Gulf, the U.S. nuclear submarine collided with a fishing boat. A few months earlier, the U.S. destroyer USS Porter collided with the Panamanian oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

The U.S. Army has set the record for the number of suicides. In 2012, the number of U.S. military personnel who committed suicide, was 349 — or almost one person a day. That's more than were killed in military operations in Afghanistan and for all 11 years of such statistics.

Two people were killed in a fire in one of the colleges in Hazard, Kentucky. On the same day at another college in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, a student wounded one of the employees of the institution, and then shot himself in the chest.

In the U.S., closed eatery, where in 2010 the Russian and U.S. presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama had breakfast together during the official visit of the Russian leader.

In the state of New Mexico teenager shot and killed three children and two adults

Year-old girl from Pennsylvania banned from attending kindergarten after she threatened one of the peers of the shooting toy gun, blow bubbles, and suicide. The conversation between the girls, there was a bus stop in the presence of adults who snitched and a potential criminal.

New shooting at the American College (Lone Star in the American city of Conroe, Texas). Injured two people.

Pentagon lifts restrictions on women's participation in ground combat operations

Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin after the cuts in the police force the state to Americans: not just dial "911" and wait for the arrival of law enforcement. Personal security has ceased to be a lot of government are included in the game. You can ask for the mercy of violent criminals, hiding under the bed, or you can fight back. Think about it: it may be wise to take courses on the use of firearms to protect themselves, as long as we get to you.

In Chicago, a day shot five people

In Alabama, a man walked into a school bus carrying students of a school in Midland City, and demanded that the driver let go with him two children aged 6 to 8 years. Having been refused, he shot the driver, and then grabbed the bus was in the 6-year-old boy and dragged him to his underground bunker.

Shooting in the office of a lawyer in Arizona: One person killed, two injured

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