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Traditional racist outfit Sweden

In elementary school, in central Sweden broke off a 10-year holiday Myo Karlsson, who had gathered to come to St. Lucia gingerbread man in a suit. Teachers are not endorsed traditional attire, as it can someone view your "insult".

In Britain, secretly, without waiting for the results of a detailed study of the causes of death, was buried "chief informant" for "Magnitsky case" — 44-year-old Alexander Perepilichnogo, who died outside his mansion from the "heart attack." Alexander's death was the fourth in a series of strange events related to the so-called Magnitsky case. Prior to that, were found dead ex-head of the firm Valeriy Kurochkin, a banker Simon Korobeynikov (author of tax fraud schemes), and business partner Korobeinikova — Oktay Hasanov. Russia on an official request for assistance in the investigation into Magnitsky's head of the Prosecutor General of England refused — de "execution can prejudice the sovereignty, security, ordre public or other essential interests of the UK"

Swedish artist von Hausswolff stole from the crematorium in the former. Nazi concentration camp Majdanek in Poland sham ashes of burned Jews to write her a picture. "Ashes as if contained energy, memory, or the souls of people who have been tortured, experienced the torments of hell and in the end killed by other people in the most ruthless war of XX century" — tvorets says, "… an extremely disgusting. Who knows, maybe some of this ash was left of my family "- says the head of the Jewish community in Sweden Solomon Shulman.

Polish experts who have studied the wreckage of the crashed near Smolensk government Tu-154, using a special device found traces of explosives — the head of the military prosecutor Jerzy Artymyak, speaking in the Parliament of Poland. However, these results are yet to be tested. "We then a tray unit to Bank of shoe polish and a piece of ham, and it still showed the presence of TNT," — said Artymyak.

In Poland, the column temperature dropped to a mark of between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius — 17 people have frozen to death.


British census revealed that "dzhedaizm" as religion is the seventh popularity of religion in the United Kingdom.

The German authorities have protected the animals from bestiality, proposing to punish the Germans skotolozhtsev a fine of 25,000 euros. According to the German Bundestag, sexual intercourse with a person unnatural for the animals and cause them suffering. However, the officials upheld the law on castration of pigs and causing stigma hot iron without the use of anesthesia.

British Ministry of Defence on the issue of the British army ready to be invaded by the Dead: "In the case of apocalyptic occurrences (eg, a zombie attack) all plans for recovery and return of the former greatness of England will be supervised by the government. The role of the Ministry of Defence in a similar incident will be to assist civilian authorities and not to the functions of the leader. Therefore, the Ministry has no information on this issue "

British police have successfully opened the mysterious case of the death of cypher intelligence MI6 Gareth Williams (Uilms body found naked in a zipped gym bag). Scout has locked himself in the bag itself! To confirm this version, two British experts for a total of 400 times tried to get into the bag, similar to the one which was found Uilms. They were ready to accept that fit in this bag and lock it from the inside would be hard to even like the famous magician Harry Houdini, as long as they did not show that it is possible, one of the army sergeants. The findings had to be changed.

Made from them — 35

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