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At the cemetery, the world-famous university city of Cambridge homeless people settled in the ruined graves. The alarm sounded relatives buried: the homeless drink, inject and defecate directly into the graves in which they moved the headstones. They also said that the homeless should be removed from the site unsuitable. In addition to respect for the memory of the dead, much suffering and aesthetic aspect: previously it was considered a very beautiful place, but now have to get passers-by his side. The police promised to take certain measures, for example, under the threat of revocation of the license requires that the surrounding stores do not sell alcohol homeless.

In France, the New Year's Eve burned nearly 1,200 cars

Pretty drunk, 33-year-old Swiss peasant with an old musket shot and killed three women and wounded two men.

An interesting fact. In Iceland, there is an official register of names, which lists 1,712 male and 1,853 female. By law, the Icelander is allowed to wear only the name of the list. If desired, parents can call the child's non-traditional name, but only obtained the special permit.

Thousands of Spaniards took to the streets to protest against the privatization of medical institutions.

In Switzerland, canceled the sentence 655 years ago, in which the descendants of the murderers "pay tribute" to the church. In 1357, the Swiss Conrad Mueller committed the murder, and in repentance imposed on himself and his descendants "of lamp collection". The offender always promised to pay expenses of the local church to light. Only in the new millennium found heir, who decided to challenge in court the will of a distant ancestor and the Catholic Church.

In Antwerp, active rabbi added a son to a school for girls. The sons of Moshe Aryeh Friedman will be able to attend school despite the fact that it does not have the necessary conditions to stay within its walls boys — no male teachers, a separate entrance for the boys, and even the men's room. For every school day, the boys missed due to administration, the school will have to pay a fine of one thousand euros.


Meet the candidate for president of the Czech Republic — 53-year-old composer Vladimir Franz, known as the Professor — "Avatar." Every ninth Czech wants to see this tattooed man sovey president of the country, and the "child" in school elections won by him. One of the promises Franz — the legalization of marijuana.

The British Minister of Labour slept airwaves, where he wanted to tell about punctuality in finding a job.

Slepnuschie irreversibly deaf twins have made euthanasia in Belgium. The brothers were born deaf, and in recent years has been steadily losing eyesight. Doctors officially recognized as "intolerable and unacceptable their physical suffering" and allowed euthanasia.

Most parts of England reigned severe winter: the air is hardly warmed above zero degrees, a few days 2-5 inches of rain fell — the authorities had to shut down for a visit more than 300 schools.

Fifty Wales government officials accused of viewing pornography at work. One of the officials in the highest leadership watched child pornography. The data was made public in connection with the Freedom of Information Act.

In Britain, opened its first brothel for the disabled and psihbolnyh. "Modern society has to realize that people suffering from various mental and physiological abnormalities appear sexual needs that need to comply in a timely manner," — says the idea hostess institutions Becky Adams.

Winter in Belgium. Ambassador of Niger Djibo Isaac and his wife were found dead in their apartment near Brussels with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. The street has become cold, cold couple decided not quite as in the flat carbon, with drop tanks when using the stove, apparently, have not read …

The French forest caught two Moroccans — father and son. They illegally collected 90 kg of pine cones to sell in Spain to 80 cents per kilogram.


Under the terms of the settlement agreement the ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn paid accused him of raping a maid of $ 1.5 million. In the photo, if you have not seen — the same maid.

Parisians pants — there was a leak of toxic gas at a chemical factory "Lyubrizol" in Rouen, 120 km from Paris.

In France, it is impossible to collect cones and Belgium banned from playing in the snow: you can get to a heavy fine. Local legislation in a number of Flemish communes prohibits these games: the authorities believe that throwing a snowball be equated to the cast stone. The penalty for violating the ban can reach 100 euros.

BBC TV presenter Stuart Hall has been charged with child molestation and rape. According to police, 86-year-old Hall, which is about 50 years led sports television and radio programs in the Air Force in 1976, raped 22-year-old girl. In addition, between 1967 and 1986, he committed against 10 girls between the ages of 9 to 16 years of obscene and indecent assault.

For Londoners come from "Muslim patrols." Wandering through the dark streets, thugs in black, hiding the faces behind hoods chase passers by suggesting to them that you need to dress modestly, do not drink alcohol at all, and — once and for all to leave the "Muslim territory", as they call the eastern regions of the British capital.

Heir to the British throne, Prince Harry, after graduating from the military four-month trip, gave an interview in which he spoke about his impressions. According to him, to fly a helicopter was "fun", and destroying the Taliban, "he removes them from the game." "It is a pleasure for me, because, you know, I'm one of those guys who love to play the PlayStation or Xbox, so I prefer to have my fingers are busy."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, opened a bugger — Guido Westerwelle during a reception at the diplomatic mission led by him to the Russian ambassador said that in the eyes of his country's law banning the promotion of homosexuality violates the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and will not interfere with relations with Russia. The head of the EU diplomacy Catherine Ashton (pictured) added: "The implementation of this law could increase discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have no clear evidence of any gender, as well as all those who support them and their choice, in particular by limiting the freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly "

France has included saving mode. Government issued a decree: all the lights non-residential buildings and shop windows must be shut down from 01:00 to 07:00 local time. Interior lighting in offices, for example, must be turned off "after a maximum of an hour after all the employees left the building."

Serbia on the road to the European Union continues to be exempt from the totalitarian Yugoslav heritage, including in matters of morality and ethics. Interview with Prime Minister Ivica Dacic.

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