Make a black hole in the world is easier than it seemed




Scientists have found that the creation of microscopic black holes with the help of partial accelerators requires less energy than previously thought. If physicists can create black holes with the help of this energy on Earth, then it would prove the existence of other dimensions in the universe. The scientists added that the presence of these black holes do not pose any danger to the planet.

Black holes have such strong gravitational fields that they attract even light. Usually black holes are formed when the remains of a dead star break because of its own gravity, which is why the matter is compressed even more.
In many theories about the universe mentioned the existence of other dimensions, the size of which may vary, from a proton to a fraction of a millimeter. At a distance equal to the size of these dimensions, gravity can increase significantly. Therefore, when the particle accelerators produce enough energy black holes are formed.

When scientists experimented with the largest particle accelerator in the world of the Large Hadron Collider, they were wondering if he could create a black hole every second. Particles in the collider move with great speed to the circumference of a total length of 27 kilometers are faced with each other and form energy. Each particle beam in the collider contains the power 400 ton train that goes at a speed of 195 km / h

Until now, researchers have not yet managed to create a black hole or in the collider. However, the theoretical interest does not fade. Today, with the help of powerful computers, researchers simulate the collision of particles that move at a speed close to the speed of light, so it turned out that black holes can be formed from a lower energy than previously thought.

This new discovery is based on the theory of relativity, which said that mass and energy are interrelated. This means that the higher the energy of the particle, that is, the higher the velocity of the particle collider develops — the greater its weight. However, even with modern technology to create a microscopic black hole, researchers need a million billion more energy than it gives Hadron Collider.

Whatever may have been intimidating black holes and their artificial creation does not involve any risk to the planet. Scientists say that the biggest misconception people about black holes created in the Big Collider, is that they can destroy the Earth. However, scientists are absolutely certain that this is impossible.

Translation Sergei Vasilenkova

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