Man — ape experiments continue?


In 1978, a well-known geneticist Academician NP Dubinin during a trip to the U.S., his American colleague told me that they have conducted experiments on breeding hybrid of a man with a monkey and a positive result have to wait long.

The scandal broke out in the late 80s, when the domain of the European press was the information about the experiments conducted in the United States. At the initiative of the French president in Paris was even assembled a national committee on bioethics, his decision prohibiting a three year research work on human embryos, or experimenting on them, as well as any transplant between humans and animals. By the way, the scientists of the committee did not exclude the possibility of the creation of man-ape.

In Italy such experiments are called "biological alchemy," particularly alarming scientists in this country has caused the adoption of the U.S. law allowing patenting "multi-celled organisms that do not exist in nature, including animals." There is concern that in the animal world will be introduced an alien genetic material.

"Of course, no protests of scientists, religious leaders and politicians, no hype in the press could not stop the work on the creation of various chimeras started about fifty laboratories around the world. In addition, not all protested … Many, on the contrary, have welcomed such experiments. Some thought that from the "marriage" between man and ape will be strong and obedient slaves, on whose shoulders you can shift a number of difficult and dangerous work

One of the most famous British legends associated with the raven, is that famous black birds that live in the Tower of London, fly away, when he died last member of the ruling royal family, and then die Britain.

"Love," the story in a zoological park

Among the newspaper articles in 1980 flashed an interesting report from China, which dealt with the events of 1967. The Chinese news agency reported: "The female chimpanzee, artificially fertilized human seed, became pregnant. Pregnancy lasted three months and was terminated in connection with the death of the animal. " The report also noted that the death was solely because of "negligence of those who was responsible for the monkey." So, in China engaged in this problem back in the 60's.

Clearly, the Chinese are far ahead of the Europeans learned about similar jobs in the United States and did not fail in such a way to celebrate your priority in this area, hinting that they all went well, but that's overlooked a monkey … The Europeans, having received this information, then do not understand why it was necessary to inform the world about such a long-time experiment, but still failed, and called it a strange message …

Is it possible to actually get a hybrid human-ape? Even in the new millennium, the whole world resounded unusual "love" story: the National Zoological Park Smithsonian gorilla Jessica gave birth to a strange baby, whose father was clearly a man … Suspicion fell on 53letnego superintendent Michael Washington. To question the alleged unusual baby daddy could not: immediately after the news of the pregnancy monkey he hastily fled, because males that the zoo was not …

Americans are convinced that this is the first case in the world, as a result of sexual intercourse man and monkey appeared offspring. Kid named Jason, his chromosome set is much like a human.
— Externally baby looks more like a human than a primate. — Says Dr. David Wildt, who watched the newborn. — It is absolutely devoid of hair, legs, ears, eyes — like all other people. From his mother he got only a nose. But the most important thing — the structure of the human larynx at the kid, then, unlike mamyobezyany he will be able to master it.

Of course, once the baby was taken from a gorilla. Ranger also took the police, he was wanted for the country to be indicted by the article "Animal cruelty". It is possible that the monkey "Romeo" has been caught and is serving his sentence. Although it seems wild, but cases of human co-existence with the monkey also happened to Michael Washington.

In one of the drafts of the novel "War and Peace" Dolokhov Anatolia Kurakin confides: "I, brother, monkey love. Now beautiful women — all the same. " It is believed that Tolstoy wrote, in many ways the image of Dolokhov with his ancestor — Count Fyodor Tolstoy, nicknamed the American, who was famous for having cohabited with a monkey. Even becoming a party to world expedition Kruzenshterna, Earl did not part with the monkey. The ship's captain, not wishing to tolerate such depravity, ordered to throw "mistress" American's overboard. Because of this, the graph has fallen into such a rage that even attempted to raise a rebellion on the ship, for which he was landed on one of the islands in the Pacific, where he had a whole year to get to St. Petersburg.

There is evidence that the monkeys 'dabbled' and Sailors mediaeval times, in particular the team Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral, apparently, before starved in a long voyage for sexual pleasures that took female primates … native women. Tails and hairy men thought only of local exotic …

Ukrainians and Belarusians, according to the "Concise Encyclopedia of Slavic mythology," believed that the devil is in the form of crows flying around from house to house at night, setting fire to the roof, as well as circling over the house of the dying sorcerer to take with him his soul when it leaves the body.

Who was the Indian monster?

So, if you believe the American press, the hybrid individual, even a miracle could still be born. But what scientists say? In monkeys and humans different number of chromosomes in humans — 46, and the great apes — 48. It is believed that because of this in vivo is not possible to obtain offspring.

Well, if it is not possible in nature, that at the present level of genetic engineering to create different monsters, including a hybrid ape with a man in the laboratory is not be excluded. Although, according to journalist Oleg Shishkin engaged in the study of this issue, such a hybrid does not exist. He believes that such a grand sensation would not be able to hide the information about it and probably would have leaked out, prompting a heated controversy in the community primatologists.

However, in my opinion, in this opinion there is some underestimation closed the really secret works, details of which can actually be made public, but in twenty years or so-thirty. Learn about these studies can only accidentally because of what some extraordinary incidents in the secret laboratories engaged in this kind of research. Perhaps this is a case occurred in the new millennium in India.

In April 2001, the Indian city of Ghaziabad was restless. There were persistent rumors that appeared in the vicinity of most real monster — ape, which is very aggressive and attack people. The local newspaper wrote almost daily about the new victims monster, placed pictures of people with scars from the teeth and claws. The authorities initially ignored the rumors, considering all the commotion fruit fantasies residents or the result of tricks kakogoto prankster. However, when what is a man, fleeing from the monster, fell from the roof and crashed them willy nilly, had to take up the search for the mysterious creature.

All attempts by law enforcement to catch or shoot the ape-man (the authorities have given such an order, although in India monkeys are sacred animals) or to nothing. Meanwhile, the monster began to meet in a suburb of Delhi — Noida. The newspaper reported that the few commuters have seen in a vacant lot a huge apelike creature dark color. Meanwhile, the number of victims of the monster grew. The fact that many Indians because of the heat at night sleeping on the roofs, and the fear of the monster made people cry in any panic to jump down, with many broken limbs, and sometimes even to his death.

The victims of the attacks of the mysterious creatures that roam in the night's urban areas, scholars, and journalists showed deep scratches left on their bodies claws "big evil monkeys." Identikit being repeatedly shown on Indian television, but all the efforts of the police and volunteers from the self-defense groups to stop atrocities monsters were unsuccessful.

And at the end of the summer a mysterious creature from malicious "bullying" seems to be passed to the killings. The bodies of the two alleged victims monster police found multiple stab wounds. For the capture of the monster a bounty of 50 million rupees, but it remained unclaimed. The police conducted a massive operation to round up the real monster, which was attended by 3,000 people, but it ended in failure. After that ape suddenly disappeared, it took a little time and the rumors about him had died down, and people calmed down.

A monster of a secret laboratory

Someone explain the whole story of mass hysteria, they say, is no monster and it was not just someone invented the monster, and then the popular rumor picked up this story and went running … heat, night power outage, too prone to superstition people with imagination — all According to Indian scientists, has led to such a massive self-deception.

Here is a uncomplicated explanation nightmare few months, dozens of casualties, thousands of frightened people. Is it really that simple? Maybe the authorities hastened so hush this story to hide the truth and at the same time justify their impotence? Such a conclusion is due to the fairly sensational information that flashed in the media.

If you believe her, the Indian ape yet been caught, but not the local police, and U.S. Special Forces … The fact that the monster, the terrified Indians, it seems, was a product of American secret development …

April 14, close to the Indian border, terrorists attacked the lab DFS12, located on the territory of the U.S. Air Force base. Of course, if the base at the time operated as directed, the attackers are likely to have a rebuff, but on its territory in 2001, working there was only a small research laboratory. She managed to capture the terrorists and destroy.

While the news of the attack came to the Americans and their representatives arrived at the base, in the ruins of the laboratory have already visited the local looters. Onita and said that among those killed were employees and the corpses of the strange ape-men with thick hair all over his body … Well, a few days after the attack on the laboratory in India has a dreadful ape. Quite a coincidence, is not it?

It is possible that the monster escaped from a secret laboratory in the attack and escaping to freedom, to have a ball. Why are Americans being caught at once? Here, I think the whole thing is covered in the policy and the interests of the security services. Maybe the Americans and immediately offered to help, and the Indians have rejected it proudly. And most likely, the Yankees wisely waited until the Indians' dopechet "and they asked for help, and in exchange for the non-disclosure of this story got their hands on their monsters.

So, if this information is true, then the Americans started their work in the 80s (or earlier!) Yet achieved success and a hybrid of human and ape has been created, but still not one. It turns out that the dream of Professor Ivanov realized? Let's not jump to conclusions, let's wait for new messages.

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