March tornadoes in the United States: photo

March tornadoes in the United States: photo Natural Disasters

  1. A man inspects a destroyed house in Marysville, Indiana.

  2. Tornado tossed a school bus into a house in Genriville, Indiana.

  3. Volunteer on a street destroyed Genrivillya, Indiana.

  4. Residents of the town of Holton, Indiana, looking for things after surviving a tornado.

  5. Portrait of a couple whose home was destroyed in a tornado in Genriville, Indiana.

  6. Powerful cyclone that went through the Midwest and South of the United States, razed the houses and buildings in many rural areas. The photo captures the ruined Genrivill, Indiana.

  7. Melody Zolman with your pet after a tornado in Genriville, Indiana.

  8. Villagers Metro Payner, Kentucky, assess the damage caused by Friday's tornado.

  9. Family walks past destroyed houses in Genriville, Indiana.

  10. Residents of Harrisburg, Illinois, continue to clean up the debris.

  11. Greg Cook hugs his dog after it found her safe and sound under the rubble of his home in East Limestone, Alabama.

  12. Residents of Metro Payner, Kentucky, to their homes, the destruction of a tornado March 2, 2012.

  13. Randy Hendricks clean up at his grandmother's house in Genriville, Indiana, after a tornado knocked out the windows, and the roof collapsed.

  14. Residents Genrivillya, Indiana, survivors gather things in shopping carts.

  15. The school bus was in an office building during a tornado in Genriville, Indiana.

  16. People came out of the shelters set up in Athens, Alabama.

  17. Residents of Marysville, Indiana, visiting the city after the tornado.

  18. Destroyed house China Hewko in Harrisburg, Illinois.

  19. Debris thrown into the river in Hurricane Cove Marina, Tennessee.

  20. Ruined strip pier in Harrisburg, Illinois.

  21. Tompkins High school students in Evansville, Indiana, hiding during the hurricane.

  22. Community services workers inspect dumped telephone poles in Burnville, Indiana.

  23. Destruction in Athens, Alabama.

  24. Joe Jenkins helps retrieve medical records from the ruined senior center in Harrisburg, Illinois.

  25. Residents of Marysville, Indiana, visiting the ruined city.

  26. Huge vosemnadtsatikolesnaya van rolled onto its side during a hurricane in Harvest, Alabama.

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