Mark Levin: The U.S. government simulates the collapse of the financial system, society, and the possible spread of violence


Each week, well-known conservative radio host Mark Levin refers to tens of millions of listeners. What he said recently on his radio show, broadcasted by several radio stations across the country, many students caused cold chills.

A few years ago it was a marginal theory, limited only to the sphere of alternative (conspiracy) news sources.

Warnings about the full economic collapse, the accumulation of government armories, and the idea that Americans are free to define as terrorists and detain indefinitely, or kill, often bumping into a wall of disbelief.

Since it is now more "leaks" of information gets into the mainstream media, it is not just a conspiracy theory. Now some of the most influential journalists and commentators are warning Americans about the country is that everything that the government was in the last few years, may soon be realized.

I would like to tell you that, in my opinion, happens.

I do not think about the uprising in the country. Law enforcement and national security agencies play various scenarios. They simulate several scenarios.

I would say that they model the way I think.

The collapse of the financial system, the collapse of our society and perhaps, rampant violence, robbery, and murder on the streets, because it is accompanied by the collapse of the economy.

I'm not talking about the recession. I'm talking about the collapse, when people are desperate, when they have no food and clothing when they can not be moved to different places where they can not defend themselves.

Out of the ground as police officers to cope with such a situation.

I suspect that all these preparations — in case of severe crisis, fiscal, financial, and then — that's the law — the crisis of civil society.

Other explanation I can not see.

The Pentagon and the military simulated large-scale economic collapse and civil unrest in about four years. Those people in the U.S. government who understands the consequences of the destruction of trade, transport and justice, prepare stocks of weapons and ammunition, tens of millions of food rations and even shelter. They spend hundreds of billions of dollars in government programs and continuous exercise in preparation for the upcoming events.

Why the government would do all this if it were not a sufficient likelihood that such events could happen?

We encourage readers to prepare a well thought out plan of action for the scenario modeling to which the government is spending your hard-earned money of taxpayers.

It should have at least a two-week supply of food and water in case of termination of timely delivery, supports filling the shelves. (Two weeks — this is the absolute minimum, the plan 90 days).
Plan how to protect themselves, their homes and food supplies, as if there is no respect for law and order, you will be on your own.
Master the critical skills that can save a life, including the basics of first aid, survival skills and how to protect themselves.
It should have physical precious metals for use as a medium of exchange, when a monetary system collapse.
Find a home or a remote secure location that will allow you to protect yourself from the chaos spreading in densely populated areas.

The government is doing warehouses and stocks, but you have to understand that these emergency reserves are not intended for you and your family. Only essential personnel directly involved in the operations of government, will have access to this valuable reserves for survival.

Therefore, should have its own inventory. For those who do not prepare, it will be a horror.

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