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1998, Montana. An employee of the construction company Nicholas Sanders doing his everyday work — a chainsaw to cut away trees, clearing the land for the construction of private houses. Shortly before the end of the day he was approached by four strangers in ski hats with slits for the eyes. One of them said: "We were sent by Mother Nature that you nasiluesh every day …"

After these words on Sanders showered blows … They beat feet, fists, a baseball bat and iron fittings. He woke up a few hours later tied to a tree. By some miracle he managed to free his hands from the rope and put to crawl to the roadway.

After four months spent in a hospital bed, Sanders was discharged from the hospital. It is completely deaf, blind in one eye and permanently lost the ability to move independently. After a year and a half after the incident, a former lumberjack received by mail a closed package. It lay advertising directory of construction tools. And on the cover sported derived from the hand of the inscription, "Now you repented? Never forget about the elves … "

"Elves" refer to themselves as members of an extremist group "Earth Liberation Front» (Earth Liberation Front — ELF). In the ideology of the radical organization for many years could not get any special services or forensic psychologists. On the one hand, the "elves" defending the same values as the members of the notorious Green Peace. They were against pollution, cutting down trees, destruction of birds and animals. On the other hand, ELF acted unexpectedly violent methods. Environmentalists attacked people and set fire to cars and even blew up the whole store, which, in their opinion, traded "wrong product".

The essence of the world "Elf" is the following postulate: "Man is not the master of the supreme being and the planet. He has the same mission as the animals and birds, trees and shrubs. He can not use the natural resources for their own benefit. Any action against the laws of nature should be punished … "

Member of the ELF Jacob Jensen described the "ideal" world, in which he and his colleagues would like to live: "I see the city without electricity, television, internet, cars and cell phones. Clothing sewn from natural linen. Tools are made of stone. People gather food gathering, hunting and fishing, and cook it on the fire … "Simply put," elves "are ready to return society to a primitive way of life for the sake of the environment. They are sure that when people turn back into a Neanderthal, he'll forget about oil and gas production, deforestation, ozone depletion, hazardous industry, space exploration, etc. As a result, a potential enemy ELF became a citizen of the world, who lives "not by the laws of nature. "

"The biggest danger is that all activities of ELF keeps on fanaticism — continues Segal. — Members of the group do not need money or fame. They are confident in their own right and are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of saving the planet … "

"Elves" made a huge amount of crime in the United States. Thus, in 1999 alone burned more than 60 shops selling chemicals for household needs (hardware store). A business owner in Texas was horrific burns when one of the "elves" poured acid on his face for sewer cleaning.

Attacked, and hundreds of motorists who are extremists consider their main enemies. In the southern states, "elves" operated by the same scheme: catching car on the highway, the driver tied up and thrown into a ditch, and then sank a car or dropped it in the gorge. Destroying equipment, "elves" is never used weapons and explosive materials, as they adversely affect the environment.

It is curious that the ELF organization throughout its history has had a clearly defined leader. Extremists have never conducted joint meetings, gatherings and celebrations than radically different from the nationalist and racist groups. "Our only way of communicating at a distance — it's pigeons — said" elf "John Hannah. — We're not going to spend money on gasoline vehicles. "

The vast majority of "elves" strenuously engaged in cycling, because the ideology of the organization sharply criticized travel on buses, trains, cars and even more planes. Febeerovtsy even put forward the version according to which the cycling organization of the United States list the extremists money to fight technological progress.

Some of the "elves" rode a bike in the 40 — 50 miles every day to get to college and work. Commendable occupation during the ride was considered spreading the roadway sharp metal fragments that motorists slashed the tires. Sentenced to 8 years Nicholas Gandy from Wyoming "stopped" so more than 700 cars.

With the onset of XXI century, the activities of ELF became more radical. Many extremists called burn houses, because "in their place to grow trees and shrubs." "Elves" from North Carolina burned overnight 8 houses. As a child died in a fire, the four offenders received life prison sentences.

In San Diego (California), "elves" burned the newly constructed building at 206 apartments. And set it on fire with brushwood, which extremists surrounded the entire first floor. Police found the ashes of a banner reading "If you build a building again, we will burn it again." The damage amounted to more than $ 50 million

With deforestation extremists fought in two ways. First, hammered into tree trunks half-meter nails tore apart the chain on the chainsaw. Secondly, they organized all kinds of traps — traps up from camouflaged pits with sharp stakes at the bottom. There were cases when the "elves" shot in the working of the tubes with poison darts.

After a series of attacks in 2001 — 2002 years loggers northern states refused to start work until the area will not be analyzed for the presence of traps. Some companies have started to send along with the workers armed guards. However, the attacks continue to this day.

U.S. intelligence agencies say that in recent years the activities of "elves" in the U.S. has waned, because the most active members of ELF are in prison or under house arrest. However, the extremists do not think so.

"We continue to free the planet from the dirt — says the California" Elf "Tobin Keller. — In some acts of protest, we prefer not to confess to not give police bloodhounds have a chance. ELF will not stop until the Earth is not completely free from human interference. "

To date, the ELF is about 16 million Americans. This is mainly teenagers and people working in the field of environmental protection. In the ranks of today's "elves" ultraradicals there are those who deliberately choose to sleep on the street to prove the futility of residential buildings.

Experts believe the FBI ELF one of the problem of extremist organizations in the country.

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