Millions of Italians are hungry


Millions of Italians do not have the financial capacity to adequately heat their homes and forced to give up meat on a background of recession and rising unemployment. This is the conclusion reached by experts from the National Institute of Statistics of the country ISTAT, analyzed the data in terms of life of the Italian population. In the study, ISTAT found out that the number of people living at risk of poverty over the past two years has doubled.

Recession is going on in the Italian economy for the past two years, has hit the population: the Italians are increasingly forced to spend their savings to support themselves. Worst of all is the case among young people. The situation of young people is aggravated unemployment in the country: Italy ranks first in Europe in terms of unsettled young people (aged 15 to 29 years old) who are not enrolled at the university and do not work (about 23.9%).

The number of families whose financial condition seriously worsened over the past two years has almost doubled. Around 8.6 million Italians live at risk of poverty (it is about people's financial position which satisfies four of the nine criteria on a scale of poverty ISTAT), which corresponds to 14% of the population, according to the ISTAT. One of the criteria of "poverty" in Italy, according to this classification is, for example, the lack of financial ability to heat their homes properly — it has affected one in five Italians in 2012. (Number of people has doubled compared with 2010.).

The number of Italians who could not afford food rich in protein (meat), every other day, increased to 16.6% last year. In 2011. the rate was 12.4% and in 2010. — 6.7%.

According to ISTAT, more than 50% of Italy last year could not afford a week of holiday away from home, and the figure in the southern provinces of the country reached 69%.

Approximately 14.9 million people in Italy (61% of the population) live in conditions that meet three or more of the criteria of "poverty" on a scale of ISTAT. Only 57.6% of the graduates of Italian universities who have completed training no earlier than 2009., Are employed. This figure is significantly lower than the average at 77.2%.

The purchasing power of the Italians fell by 4.8% in 2012., Which is "extremely noticeable" decline caused by the tightening of the tax legislation to strengthen state finances.

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