Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Rostov region: Taganrog and Azov — face inundation. Videos, Photos


In the Rostov region — 24 March 2013 — begins flooding. Currently flooded home ownership in the following locations: Rogozhkino, Obukhovka, Kagalnik, Rogozhkino and in the village of Elizabeth.

Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Rostov region warned of a possible rise in water level at the Don and Azov Sea due to gale force winds. Because of this, in the next few hours may result in partial flooding of Taganrog and Azov.

Element can cause serious emergency. At the moment, the Emergency Situations Ministry carried podvorovy detour. Is also preparing a plan for a possible evacuation of the population are selected TACs grazhdan.Seychas because of bad weather in the Rostov region de-energized 80 settlements in 21 districts.


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