«Mistral» PREPARES Navy unpleasant surprises

Military-Industrial Courier. The control system of ballasting tonnage ship installed on the French «Mistral» in the Russian version is missing helicopter that could compromise their security
«On 3 French» Mistral «is installed and well proven unique integrated automatic control of all technical means a ship designed by the renowned Norwegian company« L3Marin ». She practiced on developments for large vessels that require automatic control of ballasting, «- said the deputy chief of the last Head of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Vladimir Pepeljaev supplies.
He recalled that the Russian-French agreement on the acquisition of ships «Mistral» it was agreed that if the value is not exceeded and the system is not terrible, the manufacturer is entitled to put his. Than the French and used, intending to establish a Russian helicopter its managing technical means to fulfill on its own frigates and corvettes. «This is the smallest ships have yet tonnage, and on their own, thus there is no control of ballasting,» — explained the admiral.
«The question is, if the French system is better, why do not they put it on their ships, and become the Norwegians?» — Ask the experts, and continues: «The Producers» Mistral «can be appreciated — they wish to implement in conjunction with the ship’s own systems and we do not give earn Norwegian rivals. Navy from this process, in fact, pushed and «Rosoboronexport» is authorized to execute documents and to do the will of the customer — Russian Ministry of Defense, which for some reason does not insist on getting together with the «Mistral» leading technology, namely, the world-famous tested system.

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