Modern dining room in the corporate style

In the plant's Uralvagonzavod renovated dining solemnly opened with 160 seats. This is the first dining room parent company Corporation "Uralvagonzavod", the design of which is fully maintained in the corporate style.

Today, the power plant is the largest Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil. It includes 39 dining rooms, cafeteria 3, 14 coffee shops and shop "Metallurg", also located on the premises. At 8 tablespoons currently being renovated: reconstructed rooms, modern equipment installed. These measures will not only improve the working conditions of workers power, but significantly improve the quality of the dishes.

Overhaul of the dining room of the plant has become one of the largest projects on reconstruction of the factory plant nutrition. Modernization touched not only the dining room, which is now made in the corporate orange-black-and-beige-white, but also cooking workshops.

Here the most modern equipment, including cold storage, capable of storing a large stock of products. In addition, the use of the universal slicers and slicer for slicing products, as well as three ovens and three RATIONAL combi steamer with electronic controls. Has two powerful peelers with high performance. The list of modern equipment — three the mixer, two chocolate melting machine, frying and proofers, induction furnace. In the renovated dining room runs only on a large rotary kiln plant, which allows a short time to prepare a large amount of baking. The kitchen has also appeared tunnel-type dishwasher COMENDA. Its conveyor type of work much easier work moyschits dishes.

The dining room is replaced by ventilation equipment, running a powerful extractor fan in the dining area is air-conditioned. Reception hall design professionals engaged in food service department and technical supervision of the buildings and structures Uralvagonzavod. They made the room is not only a super-modern, but also the most convenient for visitors. Four existing terminal half an hour can cater for up to 240 people. Per shift dining room able to provide lunch all employees of the plant.

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