Modern machines from Russia JHAQ

Lathe with the operational management of miniprogrammnym "VECTOR"

Designed for a variety of roughing and finishing operations, threading in individual and small-scale production. Retaining all the advantages of a universal, machine allows the work of micro-cycles: treatment of cones, spheres, threading, multi-cycle, etc., without the need for special programming skills. Processing is possible in manual mode and a training mode when the tool is stored, executed by the operator during the processing of the 1st part, and played in the processing of subsequent items in the automatic mode.

JSC "Srednevolzhskiy Machine Tools" — one of the leading Russian machine tool. Produces high-quality metal-working and metal-cutting equipment, lathes of various modifications, as well as offer a wide range of services.
Without metalworking equipment indispensable for the modern industry. Lathes are used for a variety of turning operations: processing and turning of surfaces of parts, cutting of teeth, grinding and drilling. We design and manufacture a wide range of universal lathes of various configurations that will satisfy all the needs in the field of manufacturing and machining. Our proposed metalworking and metal cutting equipment meets all current safety requirements, ease of operation and retain innovative solutions are different in design and layout. Here you can buy various series of machine tools: lathes, CNC lathes SAMAT, lathes miniprogrammnym with the operational management and others.

In addition, the plant JHAQ restores lost ties with foreign partners, in particular with a friendly Cuba.

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