Most tropical storms does not match the peak of the season


September 3, 2013. Come September — the second month of maximum activity of tropical cyclogenesis in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Atlantic, he continued sluggish trend in August. It is only one region of the cluster of thunderstorm clouds near the Lesser Antilles island with a 40% chance to become the next tropical storm.

In the Pacific, the season is represented by three tropical storms. In the north-east of the acts storm "Kiko", which slowly fades away to the west of the peninsula of Baja. Whirlwind is poorly developed and are expected to the National Center for tracking hurricanes United States in the coming day dissipate into a tropical depression.

In the north-western Pacific Ocean confront him at least two sickly tropical storm. "Utah"? 16 in a row in a season? is located almost in the center of the Pacific Ocean, near the meridian at 0 and above 30 degrees north latitude. The latter circumstance is a depressing effect on the development, as the cool waters of the subtropics do not give enough evaporation to sustain the vortex. The name of the storm "Utah" was named after a rabbit out of a Chinese stories.

Storm "Toraja"? 17 in a row in a season? arose on the night of September 2, the water area of the East China Sea, northeast of the island of Taiwan. According to Japan regional center tracking typhoons, cyclones moved to the north-east, in the direction of Japan, at less than 15 km / h The prospects for intensifying it is also very small. At best, he's a little stronger, but it will not reach rank typhoon. Translated from Korean, the name of the storm is a flower-bell.

Source: News Gismeteo

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