Mount Cleveland volcano dome rose 25%

Mount Cleveland volcano dome rose 25% Danger Zone

On 6 February the dome of the most active volcano in the Aleutian Islands rose by only 40 meters. However, over the last week, it increased to 50 meters, which indicates a possible eruption in the next few days.

Fig. 2. Satellite image of the top of Cleveland. Inside the crater with a diameter of about 200 m see a small volcanic dome. 10/02/2012.

Prior to that, a massive volcanic dome, which occupies most of the crater, the eruption was destroyed on 25 and 29 December 2011. Cleveland's new dome continues to grow, but growth may be stopped at any time for an indefinite period. Otherwise, the expected spontaneous eruption with ash emissions to a height of 6 km above sea level and lava flows or larger eruption that will be seen from the satellite.

Fig. 3. Location Cleveland volcano and other Aleutian volcanoes.

Fig. 4. Current status of the volcano.

Symmetrical stratovolcano Cleveland (1730 m) is located on the western edge of the desert. Chuginadak, east-central Aleutians. Its slopes are covered with an impressive layer of lava, which shows the last active volcano. Perhaps the eruption ages 18-19 attributed volcano Carlyle's work belongs to Cleveland. In 1944, the eruption of the island killed a person. The last eruption is light emission of ash and lava flows.

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