My discovery of America. VV Mayakovsky


— Moscow. It's in Poland? — Asked me at the U.S. consulate in Mexico.

— No, — I answered — it's in the USSR.

No impression.

The visa was given.

Later, I learned that if an American zaostrivaet only the tips, so he knows the case better than anyone else, but it may never have heard of needles ears. Needles ears — not his specialty, and he does not have to know them.

It is easy to tell a story … or noncommittal things, battered, like the Americans: the country of dollars, jackals imperialism, etc.

This is just a small picture of a huge American movies.

Country of dollars — is known to every student of the first stage. But if this is the one chasing the dollar speculators, who was here in 1919 during the fall of the ruble, which was in Germany in 1922 during the rattling of the brand when thousanders millionaires in the morning and did not eat the bread in the hope that by the evening it cheaper, then such a representation would be quite wrong.

Mean? No. Country, eat ice cream in one year for a million dollars can buy yourself and other epithets.

God — the dollar, the dollar — the father, the dollar — the spirit of a saint.

But this is not Penny skopidomstvo people just lay people with the need to have money to save summochku decided to quit after the bait and put in the garden daisy yes conduct electric lighting in chicken coops favorite hens. And until now, New Yorkers will gladly tell the story of the 11th year of the Cowboy Diamond Jim.

Having inherited a $ 250 000, he hired a soft train, he seated him with wine and all of your friends and relatives came to New York, he went to bypass all the taverns of Broadway, pulled in two days of good and left half a million rubles to their mustangs without a cent on the running board of a dirty freight train.

No! In relation to the American dollar is poetry. He knows that the dollar — the only force in his stodesyatimillionnoy bourgeois country (others too), and I am convinced that, in addition to all the known properties of the money American greenbacks aesthetically admires the color of the dollar, identifying it with the spring, and sculpin in an oval, seeming to him his portrait robust fellow, a symbol of his contentment. Uncle Lincoln on the dollar and the opportunity for every democrat to get into the same people making the dollar the best and noblest of the page that you can read adolescence. When meeting an American does not tell you indifferent:

— Good morning.

He sympathetically shout:

— Mek Monya? (You make money?) — And pass on.

American did not say vaguely:

— Today you are bad (or good) look.

American accurately determine:

— You look today at two cents.


— You look like a million bucks.

Oh you did not say wistfully that the listener lost in conjectures, — poet, artist and philosopher.

American accurately determine:

— This man is worth 1.23 million dollars.

That says it all: who are your friends, where you take, where you will leave in the summer, etc.

Way in which you extracted your millions, indifferent to America. All — "business" thing — anything that raises the dollar. Has received interest from the poem which sold — business, robbed, caught — too.

To teach the business since childhood. Rich parents are happy when their ten year old son, having thrown the book, privolakivaet home first dollar raised from the sale of newspapers.

— It will be a real American.

In the general atmosphere of growing business ingenuity.

In the children's Kemp, in a summer-camp children's hostel, where tempers children swimming and football, it was forbidden to swear in boxing.

— How to fight, no swearing? — Grievously complained about children.

One of the future businessmen take into account this need.

In his tent, came the announcement:

"For one nickel learn five Russian swearing, with 2 nickel — fifteen."

Those wishing to learn to swear without being understood by teachers — nabilas whole tent. Happy owner of Russian obscenities, standing in the middle, was conducted:

— Well, the chorus — "fool"!

— Fool!

— You bastard!

— Do not "tvoloch" and "scum."

Above the son of a bitch had to fight for a long time. Nesmyshlenogo amerikanyshi spelled "Zukin-hsin," and for good money slip of inferior obscenities honest young businessman did not.

In adults, the business adopts ambitious epic form.

Three years ago a candidate for any city office revenue — Mr. Rigelmanu had hvastnut before voters some altruistic idea. He decided to build a wooden balcony on the coast for walking around Coney Island.

Owners coastal requested huge money — more than it could give a future post. Rigelman spat on the owners, sand and stone drove the ocean, has created a strip of land 350 feet wide and three and a half miles straightened Beach boardwalk ideal.

Rigelman chosen.

A year later, he is more than offset the losses by selling profitable, as an influential person, all of the outstanding sides of your original company for advertising.

Even if the indirect pressure of dollars can win title, glory, immortality, then immediately putting the money up front, you buy it.

Newspapers created trusts, trusts, trusts movers and shakers pre-sold to advertisers, owners of department stores. Newspapers generally sold as durable and expensive, that the American press is incorruptible. There is no money that can buy up already pre-sold a journalist.

And if you price such that others give more — prove, and the owner Nabawi.

Title — please. Newspapers and theater kupletistov often Troon over a movie star Gloria Swensen, a former maid, now worth fifteen thousand dollars a week, and her handsome husband, Earl, along with models and pakenovskimi ananovskimi shoes taken out of Paris.

Love — all right.

After the monkey trial, newspapers began to blow about Mr. Browning.

This millionaire, the agent for the sale of immovable property under the old age obsessed with youthful passion.

As the old man married a girl thing suspicious, the millionaire went up for adoption.

The announcement in the newspapers:

Adopt a sixteen-

12000 flattering proposals beauties showered with cards in return. As early as 6:00 am fourteen girls were sitting in the waiting room of Mr. Browning.

Browning first adopted by a (too large impatience) — a child her hair, the beautiful Czech woman Mary-Christ. The next day the newspapers began to choke Mary's happiness.

On the first day bought 60 dresses.

Brought pearl necklace.

Three days have passed for gifts 40,000 dollars.

Both the father was shot, hug his daughter's chest, with a facial expression that is just right to show under the counter in front of brothels of Montmartre.

Fortunately his father prevented the news that Mr. simultaneously trying to adopt and even some of the following thirteen-Bang The Party. Problematic apology might perhaps be that the daughter was a woman of nineteen.

There are three less here for three more, "fifty-fifty", as the Americans say — in general, what's the difference?

In any case the father is not justified by this, and the amount of the bill and nobly argued that the sum of the costs of the business definitely indicates that only he is suffering party.

Prosecutor's Office had to intervene. Further I do not know. Newspapers were silent, as if dollars clams.

I am convinced that this is the Browning would have made major adjustments in the Soviet Marriage Code, restraining it from the side of morality and ethics.

No country has so many cities moral sublime, idealistic hypocritical nonsense, as the United States.

Compare this Browning entertains in New York, with a sketch of some small-town Texas, where a gang of old women in the 40-man, a woman suspected of prostitution and lived with their husbands, strips her naked, dip into pitch, throws out a pen and a down and drives out of the town through the main streets gogochuschie sympathetically.

This medieval next to the world's first steam locomotive "Twenty-Century" Express.

A typical business and is said to be typical hypocrisy and American sobriety, dry law "progibishen."

Whiskey sell everything.

When you go to even a tiny traktirchik, you'll see all the tables inscription: "Busy."

When that same traktirchik is smart, he crosses it by going to the opposite door.

He obscures the road master, throwing a serious question:

— Are you a gentleman?

— Oh, yes! — Exclaimed the visitor, presenting greenbacks card. They are members of the club (thousands), just to mention — alcoholics, who vouched for. Gentleman is passed to the next room — there with his sleeves rolled up already wielded some kokteylschikov, changing every second incoming content, color and shape of glasses [in] long post.

Immediately after two dozen tables sit for breakfast, lovingly looking around the table laden with all kinds of drinking. After dinner, call:

— Shu boxing! (Shoe box!) — And out of the tavern, dragging a new pair of whiskey. For what looks police?

For those that are not inflated in the division.

The latter caught the wholesaler "bootlegger" was in the service of 240 police officers.

The head of alcohol laments in the search for dozens of honest agents and threatened that he would, as such, are not.

It is now impossible to repeal the law banning the sale of wine, because of the profits above all wine merchants. And there are merchants and middlemen — the army — one in every five people. This makes a lot of dollar basis, even very subtle nuances of American life unpretentious caricature illustration of the thesis that consciousness is determined by the economy and the superstructure.

If you go to the ascetic controversy about female beauty and assembled divided into two camps — one for short-haired American women, the other for long-haired, it does not mean yet that before you unselfish aesthetes.


For long hair shouting themselves hoarse manufacturers studs, with a buzz cut production of, for short hair stands up trust owners hairdressers, as soon as the hair of women have led to the hairdressers whole second Ringworm humanity.

If a woman will not go with you on the street when you are carrying a bundle subordinates boots, wrapped in newspaper, you know — a beautiful sermon bundles leads manufacturer of wrapping paper.

Even over such a relatively non-partisan things like honesty, having a whole literature — even about yelling and credit societies are agitating giving a loan to cashiers to make pledges. It is important that the cashiers honestly believed other people's money, not ran with the store cash registers, and to firmly lay not lost a deposit.

The same considerations dollarnymi explains the kind of brisk autumn game.

September 14th I was warned — shoot a straw hat.

15th on the corners before the hat shop are gangs, knocking down straw hats, piercing the bottom of the hard hat and strung dozens holed trophies on hand.

Autumn walk in straw hats indecent.

On Decency and traders earn soft hats and straw. What would have made the manufacturers of soft, though, and in the winter went to the straw? What would have made a straw if the years wore the same hat?

A piercing hats (sometimes with a head) is obtained from the manufacturers to Chew poshlyapno.

What has been said about the New York way of life, it is. of course, not a person. For example, certain features — eyelashes, freckles, nostril.

But those freckles and nostrils are extremely characteristic of the whole bourgeois masses — masses, covering almost all of the bourgeoisie; mass fermented intermediate layers, mass, and engulfed the secured portion of the working class. The part that is purchased in installments house, pays out weekly earnings for tin lizzie and most of all afraid of becoming unemployed.

Unemployment — it stains back pasture of unpaid home, leading the underpaid Ford, the closure of the loan in the meat, etc. And the workers of New York City is well remembered the night of autumn 1920-1921, when 80,000 unemployed people were sleeping in Central Park.

The American bourgeoisie skills and jobs cleverly divides the workers.

One part — the support of leaders from three-story yellow necks and dvuharshinnymi cigars leaders, already truly, simply bought the bourgeoisie.

The other — a revolutionary proletariat — a real, not petty chiefs involved in general banking operations — such is the proletariat and fights. When my revolutionary tailors three locales (departments) Union couturier — The locale second, ninth and twenty-second — led the long struggle against the "leader", the chairman Maurice Siegman, who tried to make the humble department fabrikantovyh union lackeys. August 20 was declared a "Joint Committee action" antizigmanovskaya demonstration. Demonstrated in Union Square, two thousand people, and 30,000 workers in solidarity stopped work for two hours. Not for nothing was a demonstration in Union Square, opposite the windows of Jewish communist newspaper "Fraygayt."

Was a purely political demonstration organized by the Communist Party itself — over to America to avoid the English deputy Communist Saklatvaly.

In New York 4 of the Communist newspaper "The New World" (Russian), "Fraygayt" (Hebrew), "Schodennі Visti" (Ukrainian) and Finnish.

"Daily worker is" a central organ of the party, published in Chicago.

But the newspapers, with three thousand members of the party at the New York, in New York City alone has a total circulation of 60 000 copies.

Overestimate the influence of the communist-minded, most of the foreign mass — do not have to wait in America immediate revolutionary action — naivety, but underestimate sixty thousand — it would be too frivolous.


When they say "America", submitted to the imagination of New York, American uncle, mustangs, Coolidge, etc. supplies the North American United States.

Strange, but true.

Strange — because as many as three Americas: North, Central and South.

S.A.S.SH. not even occupy the whole of North — but drat! — Selected, assigned, and instead of the names of all of the Americas.

That's right because the right to call themselves the United States of America took power, dreadnoughts and dollars catching up fear in the neighboring republics and colonies.

Only for one of my short three-month stay rumbled Americans with an iron fist under the nose of the Mexicans over the nationalization of the Mexican project of their own inalienable land of mineral resources; send troops to the aid of some kind of government that drives people venetsuelskim; clearly hinted England, which in the case of non-payment of debts can snap Bread Canada, the same wish the French and the pre-conference on payment of the debt that the French sent their pilots to Morocco to help the French, it suddenly became marokkantselyubtsami and humanitarian reasons withdraw the pilots back.

Translated into Russian: whip up a coin — you will receive fliers.

That America and NAUS the same — everyone knew. Coolidge only designed this little business in a recent decree, calling themselves and only themselves Americans. Vain protest roar of dozens of other republics and even the United States (such as the United Mexican States) forming America.

The word "America" is now finally annexed.

But what lies behind this word?

What America is, what is the American nation, the American spirit?

America, I've only seen from the windows of the car.

However, with respect to America, it sounds quite a lot, because it is all cut up and down lines. They go together then four, then ten, then fifteen. And beyond those lines, only small degrees under the new lines of new railway companies. A single schedule is not, since the main purpose of these lines is not the interests of passenger service, and the dollar and competition from neighboring industrialist.

Therefore, taking the ticket to any station of the city, you are not sure that this is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way communication between the necessary cities. Especially because every train — express each — and each express — fast.

One train from Chicago to New York is 32 hours, and the other — 24, third — 20 and called all the same — express.

In the expression of people sitting, laying the ribbon hats ticket. In cold blood. Do not be nervous, look for tickets, and the usual hand controller you climb behind the tape and is very surprised if there was not a ticket. If you are traveling sleeping Pullman, famous in America and considered the most comfortable and convenient — then your whole being the organizer will be twice a day, morning and evening, shocked senseless, silly fuss. At 9 pm, daily car starts to break down, lowered the ceiling vostlannye bed, unfold the bed, attached iron rods, rings strung curtains — with a bang stick iron walls — all these contraptions are driven to the sides of the car along a set in two tiers twenty beds sleeping under curtains, leaving the middle of the narrow passage is not, and prolazit.

To get through during the harvest, it is necessary very often juggle two Negro bottoms cleaners, his head had gone to bed they spread.

Will turn, brought forth, he was nearly to the site of the car — two of us, especially for climbing the stairs to the second floor, almost razmineshsya — then change places with him, and then went back through the back into the car. Undressing, you're frantically to adhere to unbutton the curtains to avoid the angry cries in front of you undress sixties organizatorsh any society of young Christian girls.

During operation, you forget to press closely sticking out from under the curtain bare feet, and — pyatipudovy damned nigger walks waddle all calluses. From 9 am orgy begins dismantling the car and bring the car in the "sitting view."

Our European division into compartments of cars even tough it is more expedient to Pullman American system.

What really surprised me — is the ability to delay trains in America, even without any accident causes.

I had to urgently after a lecture in Chicago at night to go to a lecture in Philadelphia — an express ride 20 hours. But at this time of night was only one train with two changes, and the cashier, despite a five-minute period of transplant, could not and would not guarantee the accuracy of my arrival to the car transplant, although he added that the chances of a little late. It is possible that an evasive answer to the willingness to disgrace competing line.

At stops passengers rush out, buy bunches of celery and come running, chewing on the go roots.

In celery — iron. Iron — useful for Americans. Americans like celery.

On the move flash uncleared Russian fishing line type area with multi-colored playing football — and appliances, machinery and equipment.

This technique is not stagnant, this technique is growing. It is a strange feature — the outside appearance, this technique produces unfinished, temporary impression.

If the building, the walls of the plant is not fundamental — ephemeral, the same age.

Telegraph, often even the tram poles, very often of wood.

Huge gas containers, in a match that will carry half the city, seem to be unprotected. Only for the duration of the war has been put guards.

Where is it?

I think — from rvacheskogo, the aggressive nature of American development.

Appliances are increasingly comprehensive German, but there is no culture of ancient art — a culture that would make not only pile up the body, but also the lattice and the courtyard in front of the plant according to organize the entire construction project.

We drove from Beacon (a six-hour drive from New York City) and hit without warning on a complete overhaul of the road on which there was no place left for cars (owners of the bridge portion, obviously, for themselves and cared little about the amenities us). We turned onto a side road and found a way to counter only after the survey, since no inscription did not indicate direction.

In Germany, it is impossible under any circumstances, in any province.

For all the grandeur of the buildings of America, with all the speed out of reach for Europe of American construction, the height of American skyscrapers, their amenities and roominess — home of America and, in general, produce a temporary strange impression.

Maybe it's apparent.

Because it seems that on top of a huge house is a bulky water tank. The water was up to the sixth floor serves the city, and then home run by itself. With faith in the power of American technology so the house looks mangled, hastily converted from some other things and subject to destruction at the end of a quick need.

This trait is quite disgusting acts in the buildings, in their very nature are temporary.

I was on the cancer-bane (New York holiday village; beach for people of moderate means.) Nothing more disgusting buildings clinging to shore, I have not seen. I could not live in such a Karelian cigarette case and two hours.

All standardized houses are the same, as matchboxes one name, one form. Houses planted as a spring rail passengers returning from Sokolniki on Sunday evening. Opening the window dressing, you see everything is done in the next dressing room, and if the neighbor's door ajar, you can see through the house and dressing room following gardeners. Home on a ribbon stretched ulichek like soldiers on parade — ear to ear. Material structures is such that not only do you hear every breath and whispering love neighbor, but through the wall can discern the most subtle nuances of dining odors in a neighbor's table.

Such a settlement — this is the perfect device provincialism and gossip in the world.

Even large comfortable homes seem to be the latest temporary, because all of America, New York in particular, in the construction site, in a permanent construction site. The ten home break to build a twenty-story, twenty-story — that the thirty — that forty etc.

New York is always a pile of rubble and steel casements, squealing in drills and hammer blows.

This great pathos and construction.

The Americans are building as if a thousand times act out an interesting piece unlearning. Break away from the sight dexterity, brooms — is impossible.

The land is put to a simple bagger. It clanged, her properly, gnaws and sucks the ground and then spits it into a continuously passing freighter. In the middle of rousing fermchaty construction crane. He takes a huge steel pipes and hammers their steam hammer (wheezing like a runny nose all the equipment) in the hard ground as small tacks. People only help hammer sit on the tube but on the spirit level measures the slopes. Other paws tap rousing steel posts and crossbar, with no rough edges sitting down on a place — just Shoot down so screwed together!

Rising construction, along with her cock rises, as if her braid raise their house from the ground. After a month, if not before, the crane will be removed — and the house is ready.

It is applied to houses famous law of manufacturing guns (take a hole, pour iron, that's gun) took the cubic air obvintili steel, and the house is ready. It's hard to take seriously, treat with poetic inspiration to some Klivlandskomu twenty-story hotel, about which people say is from this house very close (just like in the tram — Move over, please) — so it is transferred out of here in ten blocks to the lake.

I do not know who and how to move this building, but if such a house will go out of hand, he is giving away a lot of blisters.

Concrete construction in ten years completely changes the look of the big cities.

Thirty years ago VGKorolenko seeing New York, wrote:

"Through the haze could be seen on the shore of the huge house at six and seven floors …"

About fifteen years ago, Maxim Gorky, who was in New York, informs:

"Through the slanting rain on the shore were seen at home at fifteen and twenty floors."

I would have had to keep out of the frame, apparently taken by the writers of decency, narrate this:

"Through the smoke can be seen oblique wow home in forty and fifty floors …"

A future poet, after such a journey will write:

"Through direct home unexplored number of stories that have taken on the New York shore, were not seen any smoke or slanting rain, even more so, some haze."

The American nation.

About her than about any other, you can say in the words of one of the first revolutionary posters:

"Americans are different, that the proletarian and bourgeois that."

Sons of Chicago millionaires kill children (case Loeb and companies) out of curiosity, the court finds them abnormal, saves them precious life, and "abnormal" living heads of prison libraries, delighting sotyuremnikov elegant philosophical writings.

The defenders of the working class (Vanzetti case, and other partners) are sentenced to death — and the whole committee, organized to save them, while not force the state governor to reverse the verdict. The bourgeoisie armed and organized. Ku Klux Klan became a household phenomenon.

Tailors in New York in the days of fancy Congress klantsev published advertisements, enticing customers high hats and white coats:

— Wellcome, the Ku Klux Klan!

In the cities there are sometimes the news that a certain Kuksin leader killed such and is not caught, the other (no last name) is the third girl was raped and thrown out of the car and also walks around the city without the slightest sign of shackles. Close to combat klanovskoy organization — the Masonic peace. Hundred of thousands of Masons in colorful oriental costumes in their pre-holiday roam the streets of Philadelphia.

This army has kept the lodge and hierarchy, is still due to the mysterious gestures, manipulation of some finger at a waistcoat buttons draws when they met the mysterious icons, but in fact for the most part has long been a kind of Registration and Distribution of large merchants and manufacturers, who appoints the ministers and the most important officials of the country. Wildly must see is the Middle Ages, a procession on the streets of Philadelphia under the windows printing of the newspaper «The Filadelfia Inquirer» [«The Philadelphia Bulletin" (English.)], We throw rotatsionkami 450,000 newspapers per hour.

Next to this warm kompaniykoy — a strange existence of legalized, obviously, for fidelity surveillance work of the Communist Party of America and more than strange — dare to fight unions.

I saw the first day of his arrival in Chicago, in the cold and pouring rain, a wild pattern.

Around a huge factory building nonstop go wet, thin, shivering people with bridge vigilantly watching the tall, fat, promakintoshennye cops.

Strike at the factory. Workers must banish hired strikebreakers and notify fraudulently.

But stop they have no right — to stop arresting police on the basis of laws against protesters. Tell me — on the go, hit — on the go. Skorohodnymi peculiar ten-working day.

No less sharpness and national relations of America. I have already written about the mass of foreigners in America (it is all, of course, the union for foreign exploitation, speculation and trading) — they live for decades without losing the language or the customs.

In New York, the Jewish New Year, just like in Siauliai, you see young men and women, dressed not for the wedding, not the one for colored pictures: patent leather shoes, orange socks, white lace dress, bandanna and Spanish comb in her hair — for women and for men in the same kind of shoes from a cross between a coat, jacket and black tie. And on the belly or the present or the American gold chain — the size and weight of chains, closing the back door of the bandits. On helping service — striped shawl. In children, hundreds of greeting cards with hearts and doves — Postcard from which these days are pregnant all the postmen in New York and which is the only subject of extensive consumption of all department stores in all the holidays.

In another part of the same living separately Russian and Americans go to antique shops in the area to buy exotic samovar.

Language of America — is an imaginary language of the Tower of Babel, with the only difference being that it interfered with languages, so that no one could understand, but here in the way, to understand everything. As a result of the English, for example, the language turns language understood by all nations except the English.

No wonder they say in Chinese shops you will find the inscription:

And I understand the American way "
I do not know English, yet it is easier to understand skuposlovogo American than Russian showered words.

Russian names:
tram — stritkaroy,
corner — Corner
block — block
lodger — Border
ticket — the ticket,

and is expressed as follows:

"You will go without menyaniya peresyadok."

This means that you thro ticket.

The word "American" we mean a hybrid of the eccentric vagrants O'Henry, Nick Carter with the same handset and cellular cowboys studio Kuleshov.

There is no really.

Americans call themselves white, even a Jew who believes blacks, nigger do not shake the hands, seeing the black man with a white woman, black man driving a revolver home, he raped with impunity Negro girls, and a negro, approached the white woman judge lynching, ie breaks his hands, feet and live fry over a campfire. Custom worse than our "case of the burning of the village Listvyany gypsy horse thieves."

Why do Americans consider these and not like blacks?

Blacks, which comes from the so-called American dance — Fox and shimmy, and American jazz. Blacks, who publish many fine magazines such as «Opportunity» [«Modernity" (English.]). Blacks who are trying to find and find their relationship with the culture of the world, believing Pushkin, Alexandre Dumas, the artist Henry Tan and other employees of their culture.

Now Ebony publisher Casper Holstein announced the award of $ 100 Negro named the greatest poet Alexander Pushkin's poem for the best Negro.

The first in May 1926 the prize will be awarded.

Why blacks are not considered Pushkin its writer? After all, Pushkin and now would not let in any "decent" hotel and living in New York. After all, Pushkin had curly hair and blue fingernails Negro.

Upload When the so-called scales of history, a lot will depend on what to put cup 12,000,000 24,000,000 Negroes of their hefty hands. Heated Texan fires, negros — enough dry powder to outbreaks of the revolution.

Spirit, including the U.S., bestelaya thing, even little thing, do not hire firms, weak exports, tonnage is not — and if it consumes itself, the only whiskey, and not the U.S., and imported.

So little interest in the spirit, and that in recent times, when the bourgeoisie after the period of operation of the robber appeared a calm, confident good humor, a certain layer of fat bourgeois poets, philosophers and artists.

Americans are jealous of European styles. They are well aware that for the money they might have not fourteen, and at least twenty eight of Louis, and the rush and the habit of accurate implementation of the planned not give them the desire and time to wait for today's building will be settled in the American style. So the Americans are purchasing art Europe — and the works of artists and wildly decorating floors forties some renaissance, not interested in the fact that these figurines so curls are good for six-story, and above all invisible. Place the same below these stylish trinkets can not, because they would interfere with advertising, signs, and other useful things.

Riding stylish ugliness seems to me a house near the public library: all smooth, economical, slim, black, but with a peaked roof, painted gold for beauty.

In 1912, Odessa poets gild to advertise nose cashier who sold tickets for stihovecher.

A late hypertrophic plagiarism.

New York streets decorated with small pamyatnichkami writers and artists around the world. The walls are painted with the names of the Carnegie Institution of Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, and others.

Recently, against the undigested eclectic vulgarity rising voice of young workers of art.

The Americans are trying to find the soul and rhythm of America. Americans are beginning to derive the gait of cautious small steps along the paths of ancient Indians Mangettena empty. Surviving Indian families are carefully guarded museums. Higher glamor of high society is the ancient kinship with some notable Indian genera — a thing, until recently quite shameful in American eyes. Artists, not born in America, just stop listening.

Beginning to become fashionable any Nat.

DETROIT — The second and last American city which stop. Unfortunately, I did not have to see the village bakery locations. American roads scared to? Horns. Pullman to Chicago $ 50 (100 rubles).

I could just go to where the big Russian and, of course, the workers of the colony. My lectures staged "New World" and "Fraygayt" — Russian and Jewish newspaper Workers' Party of America.

In Detroit, 20,000 Russian.

In Detroit, 80,000 Jews.

Most are former beggars — the Russians, admonition about her all sorts of rubbish, who arrived 20 years ago and so friendly, at least closely related to the Soviet Union. Exception — a group vrangeltsev exported from Constantinople gray and bald leader of the alliance of the Christian youth, but this public soon obomnetsya. The dollar is better than any campaign decomposes white emigration. The notorious Cyrillic, which the Americans called the "princesses Cyril", which was the America in Washington, DC, for recognition, quickly passed — found a spirited entrepreneur menadzhera and began kissing her hand out to the handle 10 to $ 15 at New York's Mondi-Morning — Opera Club .

Even the "Prince" Boris started up in New York to the winds.

Tearing laurels Rodchenko, he became involved in this photomontage, writing articles from the former life of the court, just listed, when and with whom the kings were drinking, illustrating satires primontazhennymi kings with him on his knees dancers, recalled when and how the king of playing cards, by the way, and mounting the former kings to the landscapes vsehsvetnyh casino. From this literature Borisov depressed most seasoned Whites. Like, say, with such persona to campaign for the accession of the White Guards? Even white papers wrote with sadness — such statements zasmorkali very idea of monarchism. The newly imported, yet unlearned Whites poked by enterprises, many adopted supportive to every white Ford.

Ford's work shows such Russian newcomers: look, here is your king is running. The king runs a little — is at Ford's order for a wordless momentary reception and uncomplicated job to hire a White Russian.

In Detroit, a lot of the world's great companies, such as Davis Park — medicines. But the glory of Detroit — cars.

I do not know how many people here have a car (I think four), but I know that a lot of them on the streets more than people.

People go to the stores, offices, a cafe and dining rooms — cars waiting for them at the door. Solid stand in rows on both sides of the street. Rallies huddled on ozaborennyh specific areas where the car can put at 25-35 cents.

In the evening, wanting to put the car should pull off the main street in the side, and there is a bit of traveling for about ten minutes, and putting in enclosed corral, then wait until it will drag out because of the thousands of other cars.

And since the car is more than a man, and a man who will also sit in the car — that unshakable impression cars more people.

Here the factory:

Packard Foundation.


Bro. Deitch, the second in the world — 1,500 cars a day.

But above all these reigns word — Ford.

Ford appreciated here, and 7,000 new tin lizzie run out of the gate every day of his working non-stop day and night factory.

At one end of the Detroit — Gayland park, with buildings on 45,000 workers, on the other — Riverruzh, with 60 thousands. And yet in Dearborn for 17 miles from Detroit — aviasborochny plant.

At Ford's factory I was in great excitement. His book, published in Leningrad in 1923, already has a note — 45th thousand; Fordism — top floor of the organizers of labor, about the company Ford said almost as a thing without any changes can be transferred into socialism.

Professor Lavrov said in the preface to the 5th edition of Ford's book writes: "There was a book … unsurpassed model of Ford car … Ford pitiful followers, the reason lies in the talent of the last Ford invented a system that, like any perfect system, and ensures only the best organization …" and etc., etc.

Sam Ford says the goal of his theory — a source of joy out of the world (sotsialist!), and if we do not learn to better use the machines, we will not be time to enjoy the trees and the birds, flowers and meadows. "Money is useful only insofar as they contribute to the life of freedom (capitalist?)". "If you serve for the sake of the ministry, for the sake of satisfaction that is given to the consciousness of innocence cases, the money themselves appear in abundance" (did not notice!). "Chief (Ford) is a companion of their work, and the work of the chief mate." "We do not want to hard work, exhausting people. Each worker Ford can and must think about improving things — and then he a candidate for the Fords, "etc., etc.

I purposely do not dwell on thoughts of valuable and interesting books — they rastrubleno enough, and not for them to write a book.

The factory lead groups of 50 people. One direction, once and for all. Ahead fordovets. They come in single file, without stopping.

To obtain a permit, fill out the questionnaire in a room in which there is freaked inscriptions jubilee ten millionth Ford. You pockets stuffed with Ford's commercials, piles lying on the tables. We anketschikov and accompanying form like grown old, retired touts a sale stores.

Come on. Clean licked. No one will stop for a second. People in hats walking, looking, and make permanent mark in some sheets. Obviously, the account of labor movements. No voices, no individual rumble. Only common serious buzz. Persons greenish, with black lips, as in filming. This is from the long fluorescent light. For the instrumental, for Forging and Casting begins Ford's famous chain. Work moves to the workers. Sit bare chassis, as if cars have no pants. Lay wheelhouses wings, the car moves with you together to motorschikam, cranes put the body, wheel rolls, bagels from the ceiling constantly slipping tires, working from under the bottom of the chain were hit something with a hammer. In the little dwarf vagonetochkah stick to the sides of the work. After going through thousands of hands, the car takes shape in one of the last steps, the driver sits in the car, the car drives off the chain and she rolls out into the yard.

The process is already familiar from the movie — but still come out dazed.

Yet through some side sections (Ford all parts of his car from a thread to the glass makes himself), with bales of wool, with the flying head over to the chains of cranes thousands of pounds of crankshafts by the technology of the Ford plant, leave on Woodworld — street.

My companion on the inspection — the old Ford's work, gave up her job in two years due to tuberculosis, saw the whole plant is also the first time. Says angrily: "It is they show the front, so I would have led to the forge on River, where half of the works in the fire, and the other in the mud and water."

In the evening I spoke fordovtsy — Chicago Rabkor communist newspaper "Daily worker` s ":

— Poor. Very bad. Spittoons not. Ford is not intended, says: "I do not need you to spit — I need to be clean, but if you have to spit — buy spittoons themselves."

Tech … — this is his technique, not us.

Points … gives a thick glass, so as not knocked out an eye — the glass is expensive. Humane. This is it because when thin glass eyes and knocks him to pay, but only on a thick scratches remain, the eye of the spoils them all the same a year or two, but do not have to pay.

The food is … 15 minutes. Eat at the machine, cold food. He would labor legislation with mandatory separate dining room.

Calculation … — without any days off.

And … the members of the union and did not give. Libraries do not. Only a movie, and then it shows pictures only about how to work faster,

Do you think … we have no accidents? Have. Only about them ever write, and killed and wounded are taken to the conventional Ford car, not on krasnokrestnoy.

The system … it pretends hour (8-hour day), in fact — pure piecework.

And … how to deal with Ford?

Detectives … provocateurs and klanovtsy, 80% of foreigners everywhere.

As … to campaign for 54 languages?

At four o'clock I looked at Ford's coming out the gate shift — people were falling in trams and immediately fell asleep, exhausted.

In Detroit, the largest number of divorces. Ford's system does work impotent.

Of essays Myakovskogo 25-26 years.

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