Mysterious hiccup


The mysterious phenomenon known for almost two centuries, and called the people hiccup, at various times been the subject of litigation and research, which, however, have not been able to give him a reasonable explanation.

In the 70 years of the last century, the famous Soviet writer Fyodor Abramov in the book "Of the tribe of Avakumova" wrote: "There is in the North, but rather, on Pinyega and Mezeni, a woman's disease — a hiccup, which, however, is now a little subsided, and more recently a rare Deeds Babu not to shoot the breeze. Finds rolled forward on the poor — and sickened, and breaks, and choking and screaming and roaring to all the voices: a dog, a cat, and even the most obscene foul language sometimes falls from the lips … "

Indeed, until the mid-1950s in a small village Pinyega Arkhangelsk widespread among women was a strange mental disease called hiccup. The number of people suffering from a mysterious ailment that was so great that some scholars have even suggested, if the disease is hereditary. Themselves ill called "Pinezhsky ikotnitsami."

The first mention of hiccup refers to 1785, when the Bishop of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogorsky Benjamin in his address to the Synod described the disease as a special form of damage and possession by an evil spirit. Also in his letter, Bishop Benjamin hiccup linked to the beliefs of the ancient people of the Chud, who lived on the banks of the river Pinega and worshiped pagan gods. Idolatrous superstition were so tenacious that their echoes are to be found even in the XIX century in the rites of the local witches and sorcerers.

So, in 1815, the Pinyega the trial, which heard the case of a "mock hiccup" and sentenced him to a certain Michael Choukri 45 lashes for "spoiled" by her cousin Afimi. In 1862 Pinyega and Mezeni rioted during which an angry mob burned several houses, where, as it was believed witches lived, was admitted to the local women hiccup. To quell civil unrest there even was pulled troops and the local clergy of every rebel held "soul-searching conversation."

The mysterious illness of northern peoples

However, not only were aware of cases Pinyega mysterious hiccup. So, about this mysterious disease mentioned at the end of the XIV century Baptist Stephen of Perm Komi people, the rest of his fiercely fought with the pagan beliefs of the local population who lived in the impenetrable forests. On the hiccups-ke knew Karels and Mordovians, Moksha and vyatichi, Zyrians and Permian, called the disease Sheva — on behalf of the mysterious spirit infused in man.

As the development of the vast spaces of the Stone Belt Russian settlers were surprised to learn that a hiccup knew almost all the indigenous peoples of Siberia and the Urals, and that its practice of "building" was a master of the local shamans. It is known that the Old Believers to be hiding in remote areas of Siberia, even special monasteries were built, in which patients were treated hiccup. Here are just healing techniques were quite peculiar and very violent. Women obsessed with hiccup, weeks starved, beaten Batog, frightened or chain bears and dogs, driving to the dead of winter, doused with ice water. Those who survived returned to their native villages, and never have been exposed to the disease.

Historical records indicate that the unexplained outbreak hiccup occurred in the XIX and XX centuries in different parts of Russia. Thus, in the years 1834-1835 the disease manifested itself among the mass of villagers Sura Arkhangelsk province, in 1877 m hiccup was recorded in the village of Transfiguration Tobolsk in 1912 — in the village Chistyunka Altai district. The last mention of the mysterious illness associated with the village Karagaj that in the Perm region, and refer to the years 2009-2010 …

Pagan practices

In the media, describing affectionate Karagaisky disease, said that possessed hiccup start talking is not his sometimes childlike voice, often go on one, and sometimes into several foreign languages, barking, crowing, predict the future, describe in detail past life. Often these symptoms appeared in one of the inhabitants of the village, in a matter of days covered entire villages disappeared without a trace in two to three weeks and re-appearing in six months or a year.

Modern descriptions repeat exactly hiccup symptoms which were apparent in diseased and a hundred or two hundred years ago in different regions of Russia. According to established beliefs hiccup — a special spirit that looks like a mold, which is grown with certain magical practices on the remains of a meal or drinks. A favorite method of sorcerers is this: they poured brew stagnant well water, juice or beer person who wants to plant hiccup. Interestingly, in alcoholic beverages — moonshine, vodka or wine — the entity does not take root, and because they are considered useless during a magical ritual.

Another interesting feature is that the hiccup is almost always overcome by women, especially pregnant women. Infiltrating a sacrifice, a mysterious entity settles in the abdomen, and sometimes, the feelings, and in the human body. The first sign of the disease is manifested by sporadic hiccups. In this context, is a very effective folk remedy, hiccupping in which a person should be a good scare. Indeed, it is believed that the mystical entity does not make a sudden loud noise, bright light or strong emotions, because of which she is forced to leave the corporeal shell of its victim.

Researchers mysterious illness are three types of hiccup, "dumb", "roaring" and "talking". In a "dumb" hiccup patient woman begins uncontrollable yawning and watery eyes, her cover drowsiness and tremor of the limbs. Patients 'roaring' hiccup spasm of the laryngeal muscles, causing voice changes beyond recognition. When "talking" variety is accompanied by prolonged hiccups shouting of individual phrases and words, often abusive, obscene …

Powerless science

Modern medicine calls as the causes of hiccups, lack of oxygen in the cells of the brain, lack of or excess of iodine in the body, calcium, zinc and vitamin B. The very same disease called popularly hiccup, doctors refer to obsessive psychosis or even schizophrenia were an effective means of treatment which are considered deep hypnosis sessions.

However, according to eyewitnesses, hypnotic yet never give effective positive effect. Moreover, during the sessions, being located inside the patient's happening, join with doctors in hot debate, sometimes disclosing such facts biography of the physician from whom he came in embarrassment than an insidious hiccup led to the delight …

Ural and Siberian healers believe that you can protect yourself from the hiccup with a number of simple techniques: ezheutrennee and nightly prayer; constant carrying with him in a secluded place a pinch of salt, fresh poppy seeds or unwashed red ribbon of calico or linen cloth. If hiccup penetrated the man, then the patient should be subjected to strict fasting and unmount water, over which special prayers were said.

After 5-7 days of such procedures in diseased begins vomiting, during which at some point of it is something that looks like a kombucha. Plucked immediately burned and the ashes buried obtained. After treatment obsessed hiccup flows into a long, deep sleep. Waking up, he does not remember anything about what happened to him, and feels perfectly healthy and full of energy. It is believed that heal people over the next three years is not in a position to influence either — even the most powerful — the sorcerer.

83-year-old Anna Bushueva, a resident of the village Alexeevka Kudymkarsky district finds missing people or forgotten somewhere objects and things. And one day, as the locals say, even predicted the coup in August 1991. The very old lady explains that it's not even a gift, leprosy hiccup, who lives in her body.


About how much hiccup lives in the body of Anna Dmitrievna, the very old lady does not know. He says that the old have all forgotten — and when he appeared, and from where came from, and the more he says.

At first glance, grandmother Anna is no perceptible — a modest and quiet. In scarf and boots, is pleased to pour a cup of tea and warm your guest.
Quite old, can already hear the bad, I go, and before the war was in the rear of the truth — the beginning calmly tell the old lady.

— Why mistress torturing — suddenly soft voice of Anna Dmitrievna was hoarse and low — it is already old. What has come? Get out of here! Get out! Cast out now!

From what he heard goose bumps on the back. Horror. Frozen heart — "probably not Bushueva said nothing as hiccup — soothsayer woke up."

— Uh, propadina again he — the old woman spoke.

When Bushuyeva was 35 years old, put a spell on her. She ispila home brew at one unkind old lady. It is said that in kvass were butterfly larvae. That's Anna swallowed one — "bestowed upon her evil people hiccup." For the past 46 years Nastaovich, so calls himself a demon lives in the body of his mistress and is very afraid of frogs.

— Nobody loves me, and I watch the people, not to steal, — says Nastaovich lips old women — only children housewives like me. That's it! I will not say anything more! Get out! I — a butterfly, and you … Bitches! — A woman hiding her face in shame with his hands.

On the steep like women, or rather hiccup, known not only in Alekseevko but Egve, Korchevnaya, Batina, Radeva. Everyone knows about the old woman's gift of finding lost things and people. Write letters, even from abroad.

The neighbor `s grandmother says that Bushueva than once found her husband in the village, prophesy, which will serve as her son.

— I remember … In May, it was, for a long time. Nastaovich it says — in Moscow bulldozers soon will, the power will change completely — it will be bad. Three months later — coup d'etat — marvels Valentine — I remember bulldozer attacked the tower.

Bushueva itself does not know when it "broadcasts" hiccup. But often, it can be very embarrassing for her second inner self.

— Oh, my dear, that's a worm sitting here — shows on chest Anna D. — torturing me — swears much! You really do not take offense to it. The man he frisky. Says peace if my guards.

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