Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda Triangle — a mystery century.



Bermuda Triangle Facts which for half a century heavily overgrown inventions of journalists and fans of the hypotheses of anomalous phenomena, is in the Atlantic Ocean. This conditional section starts from the Atlantic coast of Florida, and includes at map island territories such as Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Bermuda
the island.


The first publication of the disappearance of ships and aircraft in the area appeared in the 50s, however, got accustomed subsequently term "The Bermuda Triangle, "Suggested the journalist Vincent Gaddis in 1964. It should be noted that his article was published in the journal, devoted to spiritualism, that is known to be prone to unnecessary sensationalism.

The most famous case of the disappearance of aircraft "Bermuda Triangle"That occurred in December 1945, is the so-called" flight 19 ". We are talking about the disappearance level torpedo bombers "Avenger" of five aircraft in flight over the sea. During a hastily organized rescue seaplane disappeared Martin "Mariner". Journalists who write about
Bermuda Triangle
, often forget to mention the fact, that the pilots of aircraft were lost link cadets engaged in a training flight, and their instructor (the only experienced pilot in the link) has only recently been transferred to the area and are not very familiar with the terrain. Most likely, the cause of the tragedy became commonplace human factor — The error in navigation, after which the aircraft developed a fuel and the pilots were forced to perform an emergency landing at sea, which ended disastrously. As for the death of a seaplane Martin "Mariner", the captain of the tanker that is in this moment in the sea, subsequently stated that seen explosion in the sky, and then the oil slick on the water. All indications are that the seaplane Martin "Mariner" died as a result of a technical fault that led to the explosion of a stock of fuel. Another case of the crash in "Bermuda Triangle"Occurred in 1965 in the Bahamas — disappeared airlifter Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar with nine crew members.
Disappearances of ships in Bermuda Triangle more numerous. It is believed that during the XX century, the area was gone about a hundred ships — the ship in about a year. But skeptics tend to blame supporters of the existence of "The Bermuda Triangle"The fact that some of them referred to the disappearance of ships are fictitious, since not confirmed by official sources, and some have occurred outside the boundaries
The Bermuda Triangle

A certain part of theories to explain the nature of the "The Bermuda Triangle"Is clearly unscientific and marginal. These theories include the version of the abduction of the crews and aircraft aliens (UFO), the impact on transport of the unknown underwater civilization (Atlantis, etc.), availability of space-time portals leading to parallel worlds. But when it comes to UFOs, there is no Photos and Video, proving that they appear regularly in the area Atlantic.

Skeptics believe that the "Bermuda Triangle"(A very large area) runs a large number of shipping routes. In addition, this area is considered to be very difficult to navigate because of the large number of shoals and frequent storms. Therefore, the court here should disappear more often than usual simply because of the theory of probability, and for aircraft bad weather conditions are no less dangerous.



Several versions of the nominated "Bermuda Triangle"Is debatable, but the scientific and imply a rapid impact on the ships and crews of any new negative factors, typical for the area, which are difficult to capture and predict. Such Factors include whirlpools, giant killer waves, emission of gases from the ocean floor (for this version ships sink because of changes in the density of water), and even maddening crew infrasound (called waves).

Since the 90's of the XX century, with the increase of reliability and medium-sized ships, as well as progress in navigation systems (including — the emergence of GPS), cases of mysterious disappearances of ships in "Bermuda Triangle"Almost disappeared, becoming isolated and do not go beyond the theory of probability.

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