Nearly 1,200 patients have died of starvation in English hospitals

Not able to take care of themselves, Martin Ryan died of starvation in the hospital the British National Health System

Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) in the UK over the last four years, died of starvation in 1165 people. This has given rise to allegations that the nurses are too busy to feed patients.

The Ministry of Health called the figures "unacceptable" and said that the number of unannounced inspections by supervisors will be increased.

According to figures released by the National Statistical Service in response to Freedom of Information, for each patient who died of malnutrition, four patient's death certificate had a record of dehydration.

In 2011, 43 patients have died of malnutrition, and 291 died in a state of extreme exhaustion, and the number of patients discharged from hospital in a state of exhaustion patients doubled to 5558.

These facts have surfaced after two members of the board of directors left the Medical Trust in Mid Staffordshire, when it became aware of the passage of the trust to the external management.

NHS hospitals were also accused of falsifying figures to mask the number of patients who died from poor care.

In the worst cases of negligence NHS patients were thrown when they asked for water, or left hungry, dumping trays of food is too far away, so that they could reach.

One 84-year-old patient in 2009 died of starvation after the fall and was hospitalized.

This man, whose name has not been called at the request of his family, could only take a certain food, but he was not given the necessary power, and two months later he died.

His death certificate the cause of death was called exhaustion — the medical term for starvation.

(«Daily Mail», UK)

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