Nearly 90 million Americans do not work


According to official statistics, the number of able-bodied people in the U.S. who have left the ranks of the working population has grown, and is now approaching the psychologically important mark of 90,000,000 people.

The Ministry of Labour has published a summary of the number of "labor army", whose ranks steadily diminish because of the mass retirement of so-called Baby Boomers and the ongoing problems in the economy.

Point is that Unemployment, especially after careful statistical analysis of the officials concerned, does not reflect the real picture: Ministry of Labour, publishing official data (7.7% last month — the lowest level since the beginning of the crisis), do not take into account in their calculations of Americans who simply lost hope of finding a formal job, do not come to the labor exchange and instead work "black", for cash.

Another indicator, the number of unemployed able-bodied citizens to better show what is happening in the economy, since it considers as "refuseniks" and retirees who now have to feed the working Americans. And this figure has increased from January to February: at 296,000 to 89,304,000 people!

For a clearer comparison, the total number of taxpayers in the United States is approximately 150-160 million people, ie only twice.

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