New facts about the young Earth's atmosphere

New facts about the young Earth's atmosphere Facts

British researchers say that the development of complex life on Earth was launched by the effect of "swing" that emerged 2.5 billion years ago in the planet's atmosphere. Young atmosphere periodically passed from carbon-free state in the phase of saturation with carbon. This time of transition of the environment to the organic haze is the result of intense microbial that later greatly influenced the Earth's climate.

This assumption gives a glimpse into a time when the planet's atmosphere had no oxygen. Its heat contributed nothing like organic haze layer, the evidence of which are found in samples of marine sediments of this period.

Material examined also indicated that there was not constant haze, like a trigger, then took one, then the other extreme position, depending on the activity of microbes. About 100 million years ago, when there was oxygen in the atmosphere, its composition, with the discrete nature, stopped so much "wobble" and change.

Scientists study has once again confirmed the fragility of the natural balance of the climate on Earth, because the mechanisms of its regulation have remained virtually unchanged.

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