New serial killer — The U.S. Air Force drone operators

From an interview drone operator:

"I saw the dying men, women and children. I did not think I would kill so many people. I never imagined that I would kill someone. "- A former U.S. Air Force drone operator Brandon Bryant.

(San Blas, Mexico) — Hours are counted few minutes after 22.00, the serial killer prepares to strike. He had waited for this moment and preparing for it.


The killer watches his future victim out of the taxi and rummages through his pockets for money. Two children run out of the driveway — meet his father. The killer pushes a button, the explosion — target is destroyed. The rocket also killed two children and a taxi driver. The house, owned by the slain man, burns and severe injuries received by his wife, three of his other children and elderly parents.

In addition, the explosion partially collapses the house next door — the old woman is killed and her young grandson. But this is only the beginning.

They run to the scene of the tragedy neighbors come rescuers. Chaos … children crying, moaning fired. Under the rubble left wounded people.

And then the killer again presses the button. Fifteen seconds later, the crowd of people tearing apart a new explosion. Killer joyfully clapping his hand on his hand and his assistant. Them to work for another two hours, then their shift ends — it is possible to drive to Las Vegas, enjoy a cocktail, even girls can pull off.


Brandon Bryant, 27, a native of Missoula (Montana), served in the U.S. Air Force drone operator "Predator" for 6 years. For six years he spent in a dark container, he retired, receiving and executing orders to kill the child in Afghanistan. He could not go on.

And there, on another continent, in the place of the crime, grief, pain and suffering going on — picking up pieces of bodies, funeral, burns, wounds, amputations, disabled children and ruined lives. And in the seven and a half thousand miles from the scene of the tragedy, in Vegas for the 22-year-old serial killer Air Force Base, "Creech" in Nevada tonight — a permanent holiday. The greatest danger that threatens him — a hangover tomorrow morning.

He — the pilot of the drone. He and his ilk are determined by words such as "coward", "terrorist" and "sociopath". He — the new face of the U.S. armed forces. Professions serial killer he has trained the U.S. government, it also has armed him. Unlike Ted Bundy or John Getsi, he does not have to be afraid that his catch. Murder — his job.

The terrorist kills with drones program showed the worlds of what we Americans are racist. American life is valuable when an American dies, we demand that the whole world at our feet weeping with us. In a senseless act of terrorism in the Boston Marathon three Americans were killed, which mourns the whole country, and the president speaks feelingly of speech. Where are our speech and grief over the bombing of the school, which staged the U.S. in the Afghan city of Chenagi? What, never heard of this senseless act of terrorism? Of course, not heard!

English "Tribune" about the bombing of the school: "One of the worst incidents of all time use drones, with about him virtually unknown to the general public."

Missile attack on a madrassa in 2006 — killed 80 civilians, including 69 children. CIA drone bombed a religious school (madrasah) in Chenegai 30 October 2006 g, erasing it from the face of the earth. The main target was the director of the school, the famous fighter. Together with them, killing dozens of children, the youngest victim was seven years old.


Excellent — CIA decides to kill the teacher madrassas. They did not kill him on the way to school when he was alone, no, they're waiting for when he comes to a madrasa, full of kids, and THEN they launch a missile.

They deliberately killed dozens of children with them! Satan himself could not think of a foul murder. In hell must be a special place for a stoned child-killers of the CIA. The SS men were TNS compared to them.

When the CIA decided to kill 16-year-old American teenager named Abudulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki, they waited until it comes to a Yemeni restaurant along with his two friends. The operator drone launched a missile that killed not only Abudalrahmana but eight strangers.

Quote from Wikipedia

"Abudulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki — a U.S. citizen 16 years of age, who was killed during a visit to the restaurant a missile fired from a CIA drone. This happened in Yemen October 14, 2011, an explosion killed two of his friends, teenagers and five other guests of the restaurant, which was razed to the ground. Abudulrahman was not involved in terrorism, he sought his father's Anwar al-Awlaki, who two weeks before the death of his son was also killed by a missile fired from a CIA drone "


Dr. Mona Kazim Shah with the victim drone strike

The New York Times writes that Obama has approved the results of the bombing. Iron man. A real leader. Infanticide.

What if it were like that happened in the U.S.?

For example, a serial killer without a government license, such as Jeffrey Damlera, would be sitting in a diner "Burger Queen", and the police or the FBI would have blown up the whole diner, and all the people there were killed? Or if some terrible villain — a robber, rapist and murderer would have been blown up by the police at his home with his wife and four small children? The CIA would explode school in Colorado to kill one teacher? No, of course, because we value the lives of Americans!

Our damn army and ghouls who give them orders are rapidly changing for the worse, and it sees the world around us. We are freaks and racists, we — the killers of children, we bomb weddings and funerals.

"Logic" in the bombing weddings and funerals is that — there may come someone who should be killed. Therefore, our President and Nobel Peace Prize winner and serial killers under his leadership, kill as many as possible.

If someone comes to the wedding of a man who may know someone who has to fight against foreign invaders, so they — the terrorists, and their children when they grow up, will also be terrorists, so soak all!

This is an extreme degree of racism. We kill them like some mice, because they do not like us. We lie, invade, demolish, kill, while calling them "savages." We — cruel, steeped in pride and sociopathy state, the likes of which have not yet seen the light. We criticize the Jews for what they call themselves the chosen people, and themselves behave as if we are the only people among the lower races on the planet.

You may be thinking, "this is not for me. I do not serve in the army, I do not control the drones, I do not like any of this crazy article or its author … "

I would then ask, "What if you personally do, that it was not?"

Do you call your congressman and senators, a statement that you will not support politicians who do not oppose the program kills with drones?

His article, I would like to open people's eyes. You can share information about it with friends. Write about this article in the newspaper. Silence — promoting evil in its most terrible form.

Or you can do a sticker on the bumper cars "drones — the evil" to begin.

You'd be surprised how many people otklinutsya. It is necessary to make a website, denouncing the drone operators. We need to make up their list with the names, photographs and addresses. I would like to know whether my neighbor, a friend of my father's son or the police in my town or former real serial killer. With the drone operators to be treated like other murderers. They should feel at least share the pain caused by the other. They have to be afraid of every day, they are afraid of the Afghan and Pakistani parents who send their children to school, which at any moment can bomb the U.S. and NATO have acquired the bad habit of firing rockets at schools, picnics and gatherings of people.

Can you imagine the fear arrange a wedding to his son, because a bored 22-year-old specialist in "air war" may decide that this wedding — a collection of terrorists, which should be blown up? And this is the reality of life for the residents of Northern Pakistan.

Do you think this business of serial killings with drones do not get to our seats?

Do you think that the organizers and the organizers of the air strikes on weddings and homes with children at least for a moment to do something similar in the United States, if need arises?

Do you think they kill children there, but there will not do? Remember Waco? There were children. Twenty-eight children.

Sooner or later this will happen here in the United States. Citizen Observer knock drone flying over his private property. The government, in response to another drone will spread this citizen into shreds. There is no risk for the police. Call citizen "suspected terrorists" to classify information — and all! But other recalcitrant citizens will be clearly shown — go against the system, will die on the same day.

Think about that the next time you hear about the suicide bombing or undermining the car bomb. A giant V-2 rocket, which was used by the Germans during the Second World War, until the explosion could not be seen. These missiles were 46 feet long, 6 feet wide and had a 12-foot wings. They were like a rocket from the old science fiction movie.

Rucker "Hellfire" ("Hellfire") that use U.S. drones have a length of 5 feet, 7 inches in Diamer, wings length of 13 inches. According to my rough estimates in the V-2 climbed to three hundred Hellfire. If the V-2 was not visible to the naked eye, then what about the Hellfire?


Hellfire missile

By the way, you know, how many car bombs exploded in Iraq before the US-British invasion?

Zero point zero tenths.

There is much talk about the civil war in Iraq, we had to prevent their invasion. Prior to our invasion of any car did not explode. Coincidence? Something I doubt it.

If the drone fired a missile at a car in the middle of a crowded market, there is an explosion "of a car bomb." In Gaza regularly explode shops, houses and cars, while Israel says the Palestinians out of their own prematurely detonate the bomb. This happens all too often, many have doubts.

I'm afraid that things have gone so far that they are no longer bespoyatsya that we think that we are paralyzed by fear. All the government is doing, it makes little by little, like for example a frog in a pot of boiling. We get used to the slow increase in water temperature, the loss of freedoms that we have slowly taken away for the sake of "good of the country."


One day we will wake up and realize that we have become slaves to the criminal cartel who spit on us, on the United States on the world. We are their tools, their pawns which they move and spend at will. Amerkantsy, Pakistanis, Iraqis, all …

We are being manipulated by nationalism, and the manipulators do not care about any of the countries. They love only power and money. They think they can rule the world.

When I was a kid, cartoons and comic book heroes who wanted to rule the world, has always been bad, remember that? Have you changed anything since then? No, it has not changed, those evil incarnate wants to dominate all human beings.


There is a real class war. The ruling class is very small, probably around 3%. They use fear, nationalism, "patriotism", religion, racism, sex — all to bleed us into war with each other. Poor brainwashed fools kill their own kind only to the ruling elite could continue to use the power and money.

We, average Americans are too kind and naive. We believe that our "leaders" too kind and sweet. We can not imagine that it is possible to wage war for profit, the sludge that you can blow up a restaurant full of people to kill 16-year-old, but they have done and are doing. We can not imagine that people are tortured to death, but they have done and are doing. We can not imagine that they have killed 2,200 people during the terrorist attack on 9-11 to start a war, even though the members of the commission appointed to investigate not believe the official version. The whole world does not believe, as polls show.

I think that even the massive public pressure will force the U.S. military and CIA drones refuse. Even if they promised to give them up, they would have fulfilled their promise? Never! All we can do is make it difficult to use drones. Let them be a little more difficult to cover his tracks. Stalking politicians supporting unmanned program, let them be anxious. Please send letters to General Atomics, these vampires that produce drones.

Here is their address:

General Atomics

PO Box 85608

San Diego, California 92186-5608

If we think of their products — shit, maybe send it to them? If you have a dog or cat — that half-done things. Still need to buy a stamp and envelope.

We provoked justified loathing. If Americans assorted debris on the site bombed by Chinese drones weddings, restaurants and schools, it seems to me we would have hated the Chinese.

I would try to figure out a way to take revenge on them. And you?

And if China's drones killed Europeans or Japanese in their own homes, I would boycott all Chinese goods. Despite all our wealth and weapons of mass destruction, we make up only 5% of the world's population. How long can we spit in the face of the rest of 95% and with no serious consequences?

We use force to resolve the contradictions that, but we are — a belligerent society. Rest of the world can not ignore us, starve and declare boykt. Remember when apartheid fell in South Africa? They held out for ten years longer only because they were supported by U.S. banks. The rest of the world has closed the door to the racist regime.


UAV operator

Nobody likes of rapists and murderers, except maybe themselves rapists and murderers. Everything is about to change. We used to think that the rest of the world admires us and wants to be like us. Maybe in the past it was, but we got so corruptly, false and proud that this is not the case. A beautiful young maiden, which embraced the world, the next morning was a syphilitic old prostitute with bloody hands.

Honeymoon ended quickly.

We must realize that the boycott of America is very likely. Unfortunately, only if the majority of Americans realize that we were not on the right side of history. Many of us will slide into a black-and-white mentality of "us vs. them, no matter who was right." But I believe that the majority of Americans — the good and the right people who do not want to harm others, and want to live in peace and raise a family. And almost all of us realize that the rest of the people in the rest of the world want the same thing.

For most of us our major sin — our silence. It is because of this history will condemn us.

Any people want to be proud of their country, their army. We resist the facts that demolish our mirrovozrenie. It's hard to realize that at this point in time we — those "bad guys" that we should be ashamed of the cancerous tumor, which stunned the world on our behalf. The government, which we are accustomed from infancy to trust, constantly bombards us with lies and misinformation.

What will make our rulers when they realize that we see their lies, and that their time is up. What will they do when the people in the form of the American army en masse refuse to carry out orders. How many innocent lives will be ruined before it is reached point of no return? It depends on us.

"Let the mountain better come to me, but to my son lived in the world" — Thomas Paine

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