New York: Spring Fever


New York Office of the Hitler Youth "Union of American Girl Scouts' open 5 stores in which girls will sell their cookies.

6 bored employees of airport security Kennedy sent to the hospital after the game Queens soccer gas spray.

Manhattan (East 16) arrested the entire medical staff. center, which is for 2 years of discharges 525,000 tablets "Oxycodone" for $ 10 million

Night shelter for the homeless in Manhattan half-filled with tourists and workers who do not want to pay for a hotel room, meals, laundry and telephone. "I love NY! There's never going to die of starvation, you are always dressed and obuyut "- summed up living in a flophouse in Manhattan Pole Yablonovsky.

Scientists from the University of NY investigated 1,400 cases accidents with pedestrians and cyclists, "hudyshki broken like matchsticks, fat men is resilient." No joke. Obesity has saved the lives of many pedestrians.

In New Jersey (Toms River) 4-year-old boy shot a rifle 6-year-old neighbor. The boy was rushed to the hospital with ognestr. wound to his head, where he died

The output spec. Commission: in the event of an accident at a nuclear plant Indian Point (48 km NY) Evacuation of New York is physically impossible.

Number of Americans support legalizing marijuana has reached a record 52% (in 1969 — 12%, in 2002 — 32%)

At Kennedy Airport arrested 45-year-old police officer, NY, who in the course of "special operations" stole from drug dealers 250 kg of pure cocaine.

Times Square was arrested Cookie Monster who attacked her mother with a two year old child for refusing to pay $ 2 per photo.

Former NY senator won the fourth deferment of sentence for corruption in order to recover at a problematic tooth (treats from 1 January).

Manhattan arrested 40 drug dealers from org.prestupnyh groups «Blocc Boyz» and «Money Boyz», involved with the delivery of cocaine to the house. Police have issued under the guise of drug addicts in the free delivery service of cocaine at the house about 100 orders for 2 years, meticulously collecting evidence. Cocaine worth $ 120 per gram, free delivery within Manhattan.

In Queens on Jamaica Ave and 79 St unexpectedly collapsed brick building built in 1880.

TV advertising of a Russian funeral homes in New York (the voice from the sky): "we are thinking of you …" No, thank you. To me in the mail. Box threw a pamphlet which was the following: "35 years … it's time to think about the place in a cemetery in Brooklyn"

In Queens thousands of mice captured the warehouse of the company «VIP Foods», producing kosher blueberry muffins and puddings. NY area cordoned off by police. Warehouse Company «VIP Foods» cordoned off workers dignity. services and police NY. Dump trucks are taken to the trash kosher muffins and puddings ($ 1,000,000). However, although simple, though fall. Kosher blueberry pudding, mouse, police said.

In the state of New York (Albany, NY) fired a history teacher, get the kids to write to him, "the NSDAP Gauleiter", an essay on "The Jews are evil."

It was learned that the president of the "Memorial and Museum September 11" gets $ 336,000 a year, and 10 and 12 division directors over $ 200,000

TV Ads: April 20 on Brighton Beach speak woman to become part of the history of the new Russia. UNIQUE dissident Valeria NOVODVORSKAYA!

Every fourth person NY receives food stamps ($ 200 / month). Number of seeking assistance reached a record 1.9 million people. In the U.S., 50 million people are receiving food stamps. Every state has its own budget. Food stamps and cash (~ $ 350 / month) is obtained even by those who have a home in NY. While they will not take over your ass. Data for 12 years. Number of food stamp recipients in 2002 was 800,000 people, is now 1,850,000, in August 2013 — more than 2 million

At E56 (Brooklyn) police officer shot and killed during a quarrel roommate and one year old son, went to bed and knocked his brains out. Area cordoned off. The police officer shot and killed his year-old child and roommate, served in the NYPD 13 years (section 108), was "a quiet and smiling."

In the New York City subway began dismantling the advertising cycling tour "5 Raynov", which shows the fire show at the finish. On the TV all day discussing how to make the cancellation of a pressure cooker bomb. Boston terror attacks brought down sales of pressure cookers in New York. Offers "two-for-one pressure cooker" only deter buyers.


In the bullpen Manhattan (6th phase) re-arrested prisoner who stole and then zasunuvshy fifth iPhone up your ass. Forgot to turn off the ringer.

Brooklyn resident threw discovered a box with wires in the sewer. ditch, and then called 911. 3:00 police rummaging in the mire. Discovered a box with wires was left electrician. Brooklyn resident was fined and rays from diarrhea Bomb dogs. He says, "scared." A box was left on the doorstep of an electrician, whom he called the day before and

MP from the pc. New York, arrested for Speeding. speed under the influence of marijuana, sentenced to 20 hours of cleaning floors at an animal shelter

Parents in shock pull out all the flowers in the house with lawns — with the arrival of spring NY teens began to chew hallucinogenic herb datura (Vodopyan).

Police are looking for 4 star basketball team the New York Knicks, who after losing to beat a young gay couple, breaking expensive glasses. This is not the full version :) Fans torn jeans and broke expensive glasses. The damage to the "hundreds and hundreds of dollars"

Senator from the State of New York, on Monday arrested for bribery and fraud with real estate, faces up to 120 years in prison. In the discharge of corruption associated with the arrest of Senator of New York, John Sampson, suddenly sucked down another 5 senators and one of the mountains. deputy.

Staten Island 57 years old. man, the emissions during a quarrel with his wife, 7-year-old cat with a balcony on the 8th floor, caged for 4 months.

An armed criminal who robs a house in Queens, looking up from the police stole three cars. Out of the chase for gold Mercedes C280. Because it was a step ahead, constantly changing machine. While looking for a Lexus, he was in a Mercedes from Queens left. The owner of the gold Mercedes C280: «At the traffic lights (39 St, Queens), a man came up and gunpoint threw me out of the car, then disappeared." NY police "wanted 27 years. armed criminal, to steal three cars this morning forgot to take his pills crazy. disorders. "

In Queens arrested the driver of the mountains. bus that the restaurant Subway stole from banks to tip one crumpled dollar. Faces up to one year in prison.

Splash of homophobia in New York City: Manhattan beaten another gay (the third case this week)

In Brooklyn pizza courier arrested, "Papa John," who, along with a pizza delivered to police officers 1 kg clean. cocaine oshibshis address.

The owner of the smallest penis in New York City will receive a cash prize and a crown for 1 year. The contest will be held on Saturday at Kings County Bar.

In Greenwich Village (Manhattan), shot in the head killed for their sex. the orientation of one of the guests of the restaurant, 32-years. gay. The killer was arrested.

Festival of tasty food "Guga-Moog" was like a gulag-Mugu: for the metal. grate cursing crowd of hipsters, clinging to a piece free of charge. bacon.

At New York University, was arrested three Chinese scholars (teachers) who are suspected of industrial espionage in favor of China.

In Brooklyn pharmacy at 2981 Fulton St sold cocaine and heroin, and in the basement traded weapons and ammunition. Arrested 5 people.

New York City was occupied by billions of cicadas. The authorities are requested not to kill insects, and in the case of loud noise my ears and ear plugs to sleep quietly.

In Queens, the 12-year-old girl could not stand the abuse in the social. networks, wrote his parents a note of apology and hung on the chandelier.

German cockroaches (cockroaches) residing in the homes of New York, stopped to eat poison containing sugar. Scientists in shock.

Visitors department "JCPenney" need to remove from sale of tea, ostensibly similar to Adolf Hitler.


Gays of New York and New Jersey will hold joint exercises, which will be worked out methods of self-defense and martial arts. On Saturday in Manhattan, another gay got in the face after the request does not call him "fagot." In May 8, gays have been beaten, 1 killed.

In Queens unknown FBI officer stole a car, which was in the trunk automatic M4, ammunition and body armor.

The scandal at the Department of Parks NY: at the station for sewage. Water discovered a strip club, where women were forced to dance from "green team" (park workers engaged in landscaping areas)

The main supplier of electricity in New York (ConEd) requests to use the wind out of the window instead of the air conditioner / RussianBrooklyn

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