New Zealand on the way to the declaration of drought

September 30, 2013. After a long period of dry weather and lack of abnormal rainfall almost throughout the New Zealand authorities are seriously thinking about how to officially declare a state of drought.

Since the beginning of this summer the local rural economy experienced severe lack of rain, which affected the status of future crops and pastures, on which depends the well-being of livestock. The first in a dangerous state of drought came all the North Island, this was followed by the West Coast of the South Island. To "drought" may be extended to the first days of October.

The islanders recognized that New Zealand drought has become one of the most protracted and ruthless in the last 70 years. To restore the water balance on both islands, you will need enormous efforts and patience, and a lot of time. Only by the end of winter, the situation can be corrected if sufficient rainfall.

To cope with the drought, farms are going to review the internal systems of irrigation, rainwater harvesting and storage. At the moment, can not save, only 2% of the rainwater falling out, which is very small and is not effective. Irrigation needs of the state allocated $ 66.18 million, will soon go the next portion of grants. Because of the drought conditions of the country's economy will lose up to 1% of its capacity in the current year.


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