Nibiru — arrival? The first real observations are expected in June 2013 Images taken from a height of 6250 feet.


Mini System Black Sun in amazing dance star.

This video shows the first Black Star and several of her companions, some images have been obtained by our team of partners in South America. QuotEcliptic line shown in the block is not accurate in terms of scale and shows the current objects in their orientation relative to the plane of the ecliptic. Its purpose — to show you why this is difficult for many to watch. Most celestial objects below this line are out of our sight, but some variations of the Earth led to the rare observations of this body.

We believe that the object of making a mess in the asteroid belt, which will lead to more frequent impact of celestial bodies on the planet. This is a problem because some asteroids recently quickly changed their orbits. And this may be one reason why NASA is not able to detect them. We have seen many statements scattered in the You Tube video of the other objects that are in different constellations, but when the event begins to unfold, all the attention will be focused on the constellation of Aquarius. In conclusion, we say that we are now confident that the object has been here before.


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