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"If you're not with us, you bastard!" Holding on to this principle, our liberals prescribe Russian society time to give up all the things and it believed that grow together with its nature. Reject the authorities, do not aspire to any ideals, have no religion (except notebooks Feuerbach and Buchner), do not hesitate any moral obligations laugh marriage over sympathies over the spiritual purity, and not what you "scoundrel!" If you are offended that you would call a villain, well, so in addition you are "stupid fool and shoddy vulgar" …

Stupid stupid and vulgar trashy they call honest people who do not believe in favor of the forced movements and recognize illegal to impose the obligation to society to do what it wants to do, because, probably, still unable to do something.

Scoundrels honored those who do not reject human rights in the people, is not conducive to the type of liberals who honor the rights and beliefs of every free does not justify nefarious actions to achieve great goals …

To dirty … all the people disagreeing with the majority of destinations for only that they do not sympathize with funny tricks and are not addicted utopias — dishonest, and such a statement in the eyes of any reasonable person puts up decries poritsateley. Having lived mostly in her pretty closely circumscribed circle, our journalists overlooked the audience for which they were written, and in fact one and the same time testify about their own faux pas, and their contempt for society, the interests of which they are so sad. If magazines listen to public opinion, they need to express, it may be, many would be convinced that the most common in the Russian direction journalism is not the direction of society, and would have confessed that society impose it means despotstvovat on its development.

And yet so many rumors about the provision of the nation's original development! .. Where is the goal, then? After all, it's all the words and the words, but in fact anyone "who is not with us, you bastard!" This provision of original development? It is the freedom of thought and conscience? This is liberalism? No, the violence of French Montagnards, this is a gross ignorance of Russian dissenters Pomeranian consent, heavy with anger that they "povolgotnelo, and belokrinitskuyu raised noses" while they would like to raise only one noses.

We … more honest writer is often determined by its risk trends. "We like to brag: how de dangerous thing I do," — … we love death as a boast. It is indeed very impressive. But what does it profit, ask many dangerous activities? What of them wins or society can win? After all, the counterfeit coin to do the operation is very dangerous, but what kind of merit in this? .. We do not care who the condition of health after when he writes something or other. We object to the idea, and inquire about the health of us once, but we do not think that anybody really very unwell. And even if someone is really feeling well, then what are we the reason for this? We wish you all the very blossoming health and no one is mixed into kukelvanu not as good of the country, according to our ideas, demands a response to any idea with which we disagree … And finally, because we do not really want someone's dashing Bolesta! But not all the same we agree! Well, for example, if some boy will print some prepolezny, in his childish mind, ridiculous and impotent ultimatum, and somebody will think the Hilbert space is dangerous, and therefore the position of the writer will become really dangerous, then surely we sympathize and childish ravings only because they are published in dangerous circumstances? That would be ridiculous, and our readers might question the healthy state of our brain!

Which of the slightest smyslyaschih people believe in the power kakih-nibud scraps, for example, at least one of the underground press, which works harassed by the police and can easily become a cause of unhappiness for their manufacturers? Our heart bleeds when we think of family catastrophes, which may be made to the family of enthusiasts walking blindfolded into the abyss and not noticing that they alone are going to it, and there are short and sincere odaleche … and all of this to anyone no benefit. We are confident that their irrational passions run by no selfish motives, not black passion, and therefore a great sin against their conscience did not think to ask anyone who has ears, let him hear our prayer for the salvation of those enthusiasts who are keen delight dangerous occupations. We ask everyone to inform those who are able to get involved in the charm of these occupations that society, with a smile which receive the fruits of idle curiosity "dangerous classes", looks at all the dangerous production as a fashion as to puppyism. In the old days, they say, people are well-known varieties have expressed their prowess in the fact that by tapping into the evening vasisdas German baker, sprayed it shall be opened vasisdas person of German enema tube, and now the same analysis unsafe entertainment lovers can tell other way — that's all!

We also request our brethren, able to put the public interest above their own personal interests, to measure the merits of the publication not the number of subscribers, and the degree of trust in the society and the benefits they can bring Russia to our youth literature died spirit of intolerance. The difference in the areas of literature — it is the most natural, and it expresses her life. Nearly 30 years of Russian journalism was all in one direction, and it was very bad. Now comes the party spirit, capable people out of the two areas: let them also speak out! Who is wrong and who is right — "pusher flour show," but change the slogan, entitling the society that you may learn, civil virtues laugh you in the eye and say, doctor! heal thyself! A lost credit in society, consider this: You give it to whom you are? — The evil and injustice with which fought, "and will be the last thing more bitter than the first." Between all of us there is no one, suspect the integrity of which by his literary work would be any reason; unworthy of us as a bitter word for the sake of the slogan "whoever is not with us, he is a scoundrel," to dirty our honest family hints and allegations in which are not in the least believe those who utters them, and those who were better known for integrity literature, laugh at her faux pas.

N.Leskov St. Petersburg, on May 20, 1862

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