Nine year old prodigy from Ukraine lectures to third-



Fourth grader, who has something to say third year! Unique lecturer appeared in Cherkassy University. He is 9 years old. Vitaly Nechayev known throughout Ukraine. For incredible ability prodigy even received a national award. A curious fact: up to three years Vitaly did not speak. And then one day, suddenly picked up a newspaper and began to read aloud.

Acne Nechayev dream became president, but the policy quickly disappointed. Is now preparing for a career in science. Before the first lecture in the life of Acne did not sleep all night. Students of the Faculty of History, after all third years, and still stand so tall!

On the Ukrainian hetman he can talk for hours. While in school history has not yet passed.

"It struck me as a child, generally operates with such facts, concepts, just remember all the dates. Lecture is great, I really liked it" — shared student Cherkasy National University. Bohdan Khmelnytsky Mary the Great.

And Acne began writing a book on the history. Other science it carries no less. While peers listened to fairy tales, he swallowed a book on astronomy and geography. At 7 years of phenomenal abilities, he was awarded the National Prize of the "Pride of the country."



Surprisingly, up to three years, he did not utter even a word "mama". Her relatives thought to turn to doctors. But once the baby picked up a newspaper and began to read it aloud.

"We thought at first that he had in mind simply remembered a TV program that will be on TV, but he did read, and we do not know so far how he learned to do it," — says the boy's mother Olga Nechaev.

Teachers, too, are scratching their heads, you can surprise a precocious student. All tasks Acne, clicks as seeds. The envy of all his classmates.

"He has a great memory, it is the fastest in the class perceives the material outperforms all checkers, chess," — says Angelina Vynarska.

The plans Vitalika graduate externally and go to college. After an entertaining lecture university doors open for him.

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