November 9 in the U.S. test the Emergency Alert System

November 3. Broadcasting of all information communication stops throughout the United States November 9, 2011 at 3 minutes from 21:00 Kyiv time to test the system alerts about emergencies.

All of this is presented as a matter of course. But for those who know what a conspiracy theory, this event is not drugoryadnoe. All sorts of tests — it is a favorite cover special services. Official tests were conducted during September 11.

Official tests were conducted during the subway bombings in London. We can only guess what they are going to stir up a November 9, 2011. Tests warning system about emergencies are conducted on TV and radio constantly and stopped broadcasting. Why turn off all TV and radio all over the U.S.?

These tests alert system about emergencies are conducted from a few seconds to several minutes. A similar event is held the first time in the history of alert services since 1963. Why now? Typically, these tests tell you beforehand. But until about November 9, 2011 No one said — not on TV or on the radio. In my view, on such activities, people should be informed well in advance and elsewhere, in order to avoid panic. But so far no one warned.


Did you know that on 9 November the U.S. Federal Reserve to temporarily suspend all television and radio broadcasting?

October 22. If you've ever wondered about the possibility of civilian control radio waves by the government, you get an answer on November 9. On this day, at 14:00 Eastern Standard Time, federal authorities are going to simultaneously turn off all television and radio broadcasting of the country for an unprecedented Testing the national Emergency Alert System. This is not a conspiracy. Information about the upcoming test published on the official website of the Office of Homeland Security and Public. Only the president has the authority to activate the Emergency Alert System on a national level, but he gave it right to the head of the Federal Agency for the management of the country in an emergency. Testing will be conducted by the Ministry of National Security with the Federal Agency for the management of the country in emergencies, the Federal Communications Commission and the weather service operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. In essence, the authority to exercise control over all TV and civilian means of communication approved by the executive department and transferred to one of the government departments.

Alert system has existed since 1994. Its predecessor, the system alerts the population in case of emergency, was organized in 1963. TV and radio broadcasting services, providers of satellite radio and television, cable television and wireline video display connected to this system.

This begs the question: is the first test of the history of the alarm means is such an important thing? Obviously not. At least, not now. But there are some disturbing facts, the wild at this time and in this place, which probably could be a trigger to the actual use of the alert system in the near future. The financial crisis in Europe could weaken the U.S. market. What is now a "predatory" movement may result in large-scale civil unrest. And there are the harbingers of the fact that such radical groups like Anonymous will take something significant on November 5 — Guy Fawkes day (fireworks night).

Now we know that in a time of great crisis, the entire American nation at the same time be informed of the emergency situation. The only thing left to know is the one who will control the alarm system when that day comes, and what will be their message.

Translation: Ellen

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