Nuclear waste is fed by the UK energy

Nuclear waste is fed by the UK energy Facts

David King predicts that the world's uranium reserves will dry up as early as 2023, if all designed nuclear power plants will be built around the world. Therefore, the UK will have to rely on local resources to provide the country with nuclear fuel. Reducing carbon emissions will not be possible if the country will use the stock of plutonium.

Chief scientist of the country reports that in conditions of increasing power consumption and the need for mid-century to reduce emissions by 80%, the only solution is seen in the use of plutonium.

More than 100 tons of plutonium — waste generated by nuclear power — is located in the UK, and their future is not yet determined. In parallel, the use of renewable energy, such as wind, solar, tidal, you must work for other sources of power generation. This is due to the factor that renewable energy sources can not fully meet the growing needs for the increasing use of electricity for road transport and heating.

David King calls upon the Government to take a more prominent position on energy: "At a time when the market can not solve all the problems frequently occurring in the electricity sector, the state should develop a long-term strategy for the development of this sphere."

As waste, plutonium is increasingly seen by the government as a potential resource. King reported that plutonium can be charged with new nuclear power plants, although only part-of-life can be used. At the moment there are several technology solutions. One of these involves the use of plutonium to fill the nuclear power plants operating on thorium. This technology is still in development, but was temporarily suspended by the government to develop technologies for military purposes.

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