Numerologists see a bad omen in the election of the new Pope


March 13 at the Vatican, was elected the new Pope. They became a cardinal from Argentina Jorge Mario Bergoglio. This is the first time in history, when the highest office in the church hierarchy took a Jesuit and a representative of Latin America.

He will ascend to the papacy on March 19 under the name of Francis. Meanwhile, the Internet has already received the name of Papa Argentino, which translated from Spanish means "the Argentine Dad." In social networks, the tag is becoming more popular, as users are actively discussing the election of a new pope.

And at the time, as some refer to it as "the hope of the poor", as Francis is known for his modest lifestyle and help the poor, others expressed skepticism about him.

There was also a separate category of people who see in the election of the new Pope a bad omen, which is supposedly encoded in numbers.

So, if you calculate the number of letters in the phrase Papa Argentino, get the number 13. He was elected March 13, 2013. In addition, if you add up all the digits of the date (13.03.2013) is obtained, again, 13. Not to mention the fact that the new Pope 76 years, and the sum of these two figures also gives 13.

It is known that the number 13 is in many cultures around the world and is considered unlucky, according to the signs, brings trouble.

Thus, Friday 13 different countries considered inauspicious day. In Spain, for example, "black" is the day on Tuesday, 13. Since, according to the signs, it may be something bad to this day, do not assign any important meetings, do not take serious decisions and not to travel.

The Spanish even have a saying: "On Tuesday, the 13th did not get married and do not get in the plane."

Numerology is investing in this dark magic number sense. According to some legends, on this day that she was subjected to the temptation of "evil", but Cain killed Abel.

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