Off the coast of Pakistan opened two more island-volcano

October 1, 2013. As recently revealed, after two strong Pakistani earthquake, aroused Asian states at the end of last month, from the depths of the Arabian Sea is not got one, but three of the island. On the first mud-volcano island learned fast enough, since it was located near the port of Gwadar. The opening of two other objects a little late.

Two new islands have been discovered at some distance from the coast of the province of Baluchistan. Closest to them, the settlement was Ormara. The islands are somewhat inferior in size gvadarskomu miracle. Their diameter is about 9-12 meters and the height above sea level of 60 cm, or about one meter. As from the bowels of the island near Gwadar, ormarskih islands rise from gas streams. Rather, it is methane. As soon as the data become submerged island is not known.

Interestingly, after the earthquake of 1945 (8.1 points) off the coast of Pakistan, there were two rather large island-volcano, the length of one of them reached up to 1 km, the second largest on the island was like, open after the 7.7-magnitude quake. Then a powerful quake triggered a vast underwater landslide, in which there were not only the island, but the tsunami wave height time which reached up to 15 meters.


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