On the anti-Russian censorship in the Western media


Trying to keep track of the publication of the Western press about Russia, I, every time an annoying surprise compelled to observe that in both English and German speaking media almost never come across material that would be covered Russia objectively. It does not matter what it is about, whether about politics, about the history of Russia, its traditions, about anything, it is always, in every article, see, you can either overtly aggressive rhetoric, or mocking tone of contempt, a little squeamish, full of derogatory turnover speech, eager to put Russia in a derogatory light.

Recently, I accidentally got into conversation on any forum, with one of the Russian-Germans, that is representative of the waves of immigrants who rushed to Germany in the early nineties, and so, my companion, with the same disappointment and bewilderment that come and to to me while reading the Western press about Russia, lamented the fact that for the past twenty years, reading German newspapers without missing articles about Russia, and over the years has failed to meet a single article however, some positive, benevolent properties of such an article, the author of which would apply to Russia with respect, did not seek to overwhelm her aggressive charges, or the pejorative characteristics. For twenty years, not a single article without attacking!

My interlocutor added that maybe somewhere once contained articles of another kind, which would be relevant to Russia would be at least neutral, or positive, but the eye of such items did not come because they were or not — the secret this is the.

In fact, it's horrible, because in Russia have always been treated with sympathy to the west, and even with admiration, and although criticized Germany and England and the U.S., but it is always done with respect, not trying to hurt, put in a derogatory light, talking with weary disdain and arrogance, as do the English-speaking and German-language newspapers (and politics).

We are so respectful to their opponents, so try to keep a decent attitude towards others, it's a rare trait, I just wrote for the majority of people around — some barbarians, and for us around — the civilized world. We so often admire the West, that the very funny (and not only in the West, as many of us adore Japan, for example, there are fans of Iranian Studies, Arabic Studies, there are (like me) who are in love with Greece.

But most of our competitors civilization, and in particular the west of the country, almost all, with rare exceptions, are responsible for this boorish manner, showering Russia only libelous nastiness, creating lasting Russophobian background, promoting distrust, fastidious attitude to Russia, discouraging neighbors to cooperate and trust Russian, in short, trying to prevent the creation of a stable and positive image of Russia in Europe and the world.

Neutral or mildly sympathetic articles about Russia, occasionally can be found in the French or the Italian press, a little more frequently in the Greek, but not in Germany or England or the United States can not read anything that was to be respectful and balanced response to the phenomenon of Russia , its uniqueness, its history, the present, to anything related to Russia and Russian.

Again, that maybe someday somewhere in Germany or the U.S., and it says something more, or less respectful of Russia, but to find such lines is nearly impossible, and, in any case, the weather, they do not. And you have a record that still is a game with only one goal: we, Russian, much as we can continue to be respectful, open and friendly to the West, but he will answer only rudeness, but libelous abuse, sometimes on the verge of the most primitive insults even touching the traits of national character, which, in fact, and touch not accepted, which can not be assessed from the standpoint of "good-bad", but every line, every nuance of Russian life in the West perceive as either malignant malformation or kakpriznak backwardness and barbarism or as an expression of anger and ignorance. In a word everything, literally everything connected with Russia, has always been slandered, and as such appears now, with the same pages of the Western press.

But why all this? Why does the same in Germany, for twenty years, you can not see any article about Russia, which would not have been spilled contempt, boastfulness, arrogance, all kinds of accusations and charges?

The answer, in actual fact, just to find it does not need to be an academician. Of course, the place was and is censored, that is, there is a fine sieve through which not miss anything positive about Russia, nothing benevolent in its address, no objective information. The presence of this censorship — an objective fact, but to prove it would be difficult, since there would be no first-hand information, evidence of the participants of the process media, that is, the journalists and employees of television broadcasting.

Most recently, on news feeds was sensational news that the American journalist was fired for something she did not want to participate in a campaign of lies against Russia. And yesterday, I came across information about the German situation, which told the online newspaper publisher «Russland.Ru» Gunnar Yutte, having visited the other day in Kaliningrad for a working trip.

All reports from Russia are held in Germany some adjustments, — he said.

"The last time we see an intense process of offending Russia in the German media — said Yutte. — Here, though belated, but the most distinctive and memorable example. When Ukraine and Georgia have tried to apply for membership in NATO, the then President Medvedev said he did not feel any joy from this step and expressed concern that the existing security structure in Europe can get out of balance. This formulation has been completely upholstered in Germany, these words do not scare anyone. Nevertheless, the German «Financial Times» wrote that "the Russian president threatens NATO".

"There is also another example. My friend and colleague from the "Spiegel" Matthias Schepp (head of the Moscow bureau of the German magazine «Der Spiegel» Matthias Schepp) made a compilation of the latest "Petersburg Dialogue" of the notes to its portal Spiegel-online. And in this collection were quotes truth about Russia, that in fact the majority of Russians do not support Moscow's opposition rallies. And when I said Shepp, they say, finally, did you write the normal stuff, he replied: "In these lines I had to endure a lot."

According Yutte, "Politics in Germany is under very strong trans-Atlantic influence, and it certainly is transferred to the media." "This is reflected, for example, in the regulations of the media. For example, the media holding "Axel Springer" every editor has to sign a very interesting document. In paragraph number 3 of this paper it says: "Support for transatlantic unity and democratic values in close cooperation with the United States of America." Therefore, all the reports from Russia are held in Germany some adjustments. "

"If we look for the roots of this relationship, we inevitably come to the U.S. foreign policy, to Henry Kissinger, who said that a bunch of Russia and Germany — in nobody's interests," — said Yutte.

(I quote from this material IA REGNUM)

These are amusing facts. Although, actually, nothing new, just a confirmation of what we all have long thought so. But the worst thing is that Russia is working inside the mass media, television channels, radio stations, which are in fact subject to the same principles of operation and conduct propaganda in the same vein, illuminating the Russian domestic processes libelous, disparaging tone. It is necessary to open the newspaper "Vedomosti", or "merchant" to include "Echo of Moscow", or listen to others like "horns of freedom," and all information which relates to the internal affairs of Russia, or Russia's foreign policy activity, and the issues of Russian history and culture, will be filed with a sneer, with mocking scorn, with constant desire to diminish the role of Russia, Russian put in a humiliating light smear achieve traditional Russian or Soviet Union. And the one-weary disgust, contempt, with notes, tone, against Russia, who I meet looking American editions, here's the second decade reigns at tutoshnie pages of the "liberal" media, perekinuvshis now on the majority of publications and channels. If there are elements of humor, it's a derogatory humor, putting to destroy something (like, for example, for many years there has been virtually psychological bombardment against the Russian car industry and other branches of engineering, the bombing of a skillful, aims to discredit Russian products, to make all treat it with contemptuous irony and scathing sarcasm).

Alas, all this is going on today, and more than that, in the present moment only intensified aggressive attacks, their intensity increases, and the more exacerbated the problem in the United States and Europe, the more vicious become derogatory action on anti-propaganda aimed at weakening Russia's position on the vtaptyvanie in the dirt of her good name, the psychological repression.

That's what was the answer to our naive desire to be friends with the West, in our good impulse, to consent to destroy the "Berlin Wall", on our own, almost childish, the belief that the West has changed, become different, and lives by the interests of an open world, and not obsession to destroy our country. We thought we were showing more favorable respect to the West, even opening their hearts to it, we will make human relations, and there will be no need to quarrel, but a great pity for our good feelings were only answered by a new, more sophisticated wave of provocation, the desire to humiliate and mock at us, showering us with dirt, to take away from us all that can be taken away, and above all — our self-esteem.

To a huge, nondescript Unfortunately, all the things that we in the late eighties would call freedom, openness, globalization, liberalism, was just one of the tools of suppression Russia and its people. And now we have to see how all the "liberals" that during the restructuring Balakay about freedom and human rights, presented us mug lout who wants only to rise above the others, grab and humiliate, dominate, using the auspices of the West. Almost all of those people who call themselves liberals are not capable of respectful dialogue, are not going to respect the people hold a different point of view and talk about Russia with the same disgust-contemptuous manner, trying in every way to humiliate, hurt Russian patriots, patriot like England, or the United States to be good, and patriotism of Russia — a terrifying death trap and perversion.

All this is very unhappy, because created a truly vicious and vile system of relations with Russia, there is a game with only one goal, when attacks on Russia, its people, history and reality, are part and an important part, the suppression of potential Russian, suggestion us complex outsiders planting our youth monstrous, very hazardous installations, crippling the future of our country.

And now there is still censorship, quite skillful and subtle where Bole sophisticated than the one that existed in the Soviet Union, the current censorship directed against the interests of the people of Russia, against the stability of our country, to the detriment of our country's international standing, and the Kremlin's authority, unfortunately, inscribed in the existing system, Putin has repeatedly performs the role is justified by the West, apologetic, contrite for Russia, for its alleged sins of the past and the present.

But if Putin is to defend and confess to anyone, it really does not to Germany, no to America, and to the common people, to its own people, whose interests are, in actual fact, fundamentally at odds with the requirements of the "liberal elite" and requests the West. Since most liberal freedoms we have more than enough (for example, the number of tycoons and rich, we have, for non-payment of taxes, was planted alone Khodorkovsky, in the U.S. the same for similar crimes plant periodically and many others, and no one is screaming about the infringement of liberal freedoms ). Almost nothing of what it takes to West, is insisting on the "liberal" society does not benefit ordinary people, not to the people. Russia need social justice, the abolition of the exceptional situation for the rich, the restoration of the historical correctness of our people, their good name, in short a return to the situation in which the country's policy defines most of the country itself, and the forces and clans that are out of the country or group considering Russia as "the country" as a cash cow, through which you can cash in with impunity.

Russia today is to criticize, and for many things, but the real reasons for criticism have nothing to do with the fact that floods us from the pages of the Western press, or of horns standing in Russia, but obeying the same program as Western.

Bothered rusofobstvo censorship tired endless program of weakening Russia and the suppression of its people, fed up with the audacity of anti-Russian boors. But while the powerful and influential censorship is the guardian of their interests.


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