On the stone found in the most ancient map of Russia



In the Irkutsk region found in the most ancient map of Russia. She was struck on the stone, found in a cave Botovskoy. Age finds is estimated at 5 million years. In the cave were also found traces of man and dog's paws, according to News.  

The cave is known to researchers for a long time. However, many cavers were not paying attention to the stone. But an unusual artifact notice arrived in the cave specialists of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

"Stone found randomly. I just sat down to rest and noticed that the stone is different from the local cave debris" — says researcher of the Institute of the Earth's Crust, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Klement'ev.

According to researchers, the stone belonged to the ancient hunter, attends Botovskuyu cave. Apparently, not to get lost in a cave, he pointed out the direction of the arrow and schematically depicted the location of tunnels.

"We did not expect to find such a depth of 300 meters. For comparison, in the 1940s, was completed only 200 meters of cave passages Botovskoy cave. 5-6 A Neolithic people thousands of years ago already penetrated much deeper," — says archaeologist Center for Preservation cultural heritage of the Irkutsk region Artem Kozyrev.

On the floor of the cave were found traces of the torch, as well as prints of human hands and feet of the dog. This allowed him to trace the route, but did not explain why the man is so deep under the earth, winding through a dangerous maze.

"Cavers believe that he was a researcher. Scientists adhere to the idea that he would find something useful. Maybe it was a cave mineral formations that could be used for ceremonial purposes, or as a decoration. But this is only a hypothesis," — Alexander OSINTSEV, chairman of the section caving East Siberian Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

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