On the U.S. state of Kentucky storm hit

June 11, 2013. In south-central Kentucky recent overnight storm left severe destruction. Several houses of the districts of Franklin and Simpson were seriously damaged roofs and walls after they met with a strong gale. Do not rule out the possibility that such an injury — is the work of a tornado occurred during the storm.

In homes affected by the storm, while there were people, five of them were injured. As stated by the rescue services, to fear for the lives of the victims is not worth their wounds after proper medical treatment in hospitals exerted Russevillya of Springfield and the neighboring state of Tennessee.

The storm damaged a section of the road on the outskirts of Dickson County Logan. In Greene County and Allen storm felled dozens of trees that will soon undertake to remove by volunteers and community services. The national weather bureau warned that for this part of Kentucky is still valid warning about the possibility of tornadoes and re-emergence of a strong storm or thunderstorm activity.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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