On the Ukrainian military base fled fighting dolphins



Ukrainian media reported that a military base in Sevastopol lost three combat dolphin, equipped with weapons on top. It was reported, in particular, "The events of the Crimea."

Edition published a document received allegedly from an employee of the research center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "State Oceanarium." In the report, addressed to the Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Shakuro, said that on February 24 in the open sea were conducted combat training dolphins (they are referred to as BBO — "bіologіchna boyova odinitsya").

Three of the five dolphins, following the source, leaving the scene of a workout "in spite of the precautions taken." However, they are said to have been allegedly ready to use "individual gunshot devices" (devices that are mounted on the head of the animal).

The search for the missing dolphins, according to the report, have not yet yielded results.

"The events of the Crimea", to disseminate this information on March 11, noted that receive comments from the "National Aquarium" has not been able to, and in the press center of the Naval Forces of Ukraine refused to comment on the news.

Meanwhile Site "Crimea. Comments "argues that the said report is a" canard "that some of the media received an e-mail.

In the Institute of BC "State Oceanarium" missing dolphins deny. "To lose something, it should have, and we have them [dolphins] is not in sight — says the center's director, Anatoly Gorbachev. — This is pure provocation someone throws. "

Oceanarium in Sevastopol was established in 1960. In Soviet times, there are specially prepared dolphins and other animals (for combat missions). In particular, dolphins trained to deal with underwater saboteurs, putting muzzles on animals with knives or gunshot devices. After the collapse of the Soviet Union prepare animals was discontinued due to lack of funding, the remaining dolphins Ukrainian side has sold to Iran.

Meanwhile, the fall of 2012, mass media, that the program of special training marine animals resumed. "Right now in the public aquarium in Sevastopol prepare ten bottlenose dolphins to perform spetszadach Navy Ukraine regularly in the waters of Sevastopol Ukrainian military conduct training animals to find items on the bottom of the sea," — said a source in the power structures of Sevastopol.

Officially, this information has not been confirmed. At the same time, the press service of the Ukrainian Navy announced the publication of "Arguments and Facts" that the information about secret military dolphins.

Later, in early 2013, RIA Novosti (again, citing a source in the power structures of Sevastopol) reported that employees of the Sevastopol Aquarium developed a new technique for the use of military dolphins (it was noted that it is a "search for military items under water").

"In addition to the theoretical techniques developed and new attachments, but so far only in the drawings and without practical tests. Scientists are hoping to get funding from the new Minister of Defense of Ukraine ", — said the source.


Escape the three military dolphins could be provoked aggravation period so-called "spring rut" when males chase the female and do not obey the commands of trainers, said Plyachenko RIA "Novosti".

"Cases of losing control of the amphibians had repeatedly been in 80 years. Male, if he saw the female during the "rut", immediately began to chase her, no team was no longer listening. But after a week and a half back, "- said the expert.

As an example, he said that in 1983, escaped male named Titan, who later returned to the base, but not to swim in the cage and eventually disappeared.

"I have already suggested that scientists develop a" sedative "for amphibians to avoid such incidents, but then, this idea has not been implemented," — said the source.

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