Oppositionist not found abroad is not only paradise, but even a tent

Olga Klaskouski — a journalist from Belarus opposition activist. In 2006, the first emigrated to Poland together with her little daughter. Then — in Norway and Sweden. There she married and had a son. A few days ago Swedish migration authorities have decided to deport Klaskouski.

You understand that a man suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities (not to mention Belarus) is impossible. The more valuable it becomes evidence with which to face the reality of those who want to "knock over the hill," Tesha myself with the thought that there is someone needs them … How mistakenly believed Dolmatov opposition leader Alexander, recently hanged himself in a Dutch prison …

The first discoveries

From an article by Olga Klaskouski "Nordic democracy for Refugees"

"Frankly, if a year ago someone told me that you have to go through in life through such hell and what is possible in principle (especially in the" democratic Europe "), would never have believed! Perhaps just would have laughed in the face of this man. Either would have thought that this man was obviously damaged reason … or he KGB agent. How is this possible? In Europe, in Scandinavia, the bastion of democracy, in ardent champions of human rights? .. I did so many reports made about the democratic values of Europe … And how many cups of coffee we rehash of the same European diplomats and other missionaries in Minsk, Warsaw, at various buffets / banquets — all waving their hands, saying, well done guys! Fight for democracy in Belarus! We are with you! And never leave you in the lurch …

When touched real help — all waving hands once and whacked his butt to the chest, instantly vanished … That's all. What are slogans? What are human rights? ..

Oslo … met a piercing cold wind … In the room, so to speak, out of about a hundred people, most of whom — come from African countries. The room is boarded up on all sides, terrible stench. The feeling of suffocation. With horror start to realize that the only ones there, we almost white. Part of Africans looking at us with interest and disbelief. Most — ostentatiously contemptuous. It takes a few hours — we are so no one called to nowhere …

And here we are in the transit camp Tanum, not far from Oslo. I have the feeling that I was somewhere in Kabul or Mogadishu … Around the ruins and creepy dirty barracks. Wood. Zero civilization. Somalis in the national overalls playing ping-pong. Neighing wildly … White — units. Man 5 — 7. Sympathy, solidarity exchange glances …

The office of an Arab with the business, brazen sea (already, I see, I forgot that yesterday's immigrant myself …) assign people from room to room. We settled in the least! And this despite the fact that only we were there with the baby and that our room had long been free!

After checking in we immediately made the duty of cleaning. Scapegoats, in other words. This means that we had to wash the entire floor plus toilets (common) and a shower. I categorically refuse. With this African-Afghan contingent … — still not enough to pick up any infection! Who they are generally tested for the presence of any diseases / infections? Plus neighboring Armenian doctor by profession, said that recently there accidentally revealed a negro, malaria patient …

I spent 5 days in Tanum and in the five days did not see any black man who'd cleaned the toilet. That the Serbs, the Macedonians. In short, the only white (of which there on the fingers of one hand could be counted) … "

Olga Klaskouski believed that Belarus's human rights problems.  But the real surprise was waiting for her in a democratic Europe.
Olga Klaskouski believed that Belarus's human rights problems. But the real surprise was waiting for her in a democratic Europe.
Photo: Sergey GAPON ("KP" — Minsk ") / social networks.

White Man's Burden

— Olga, tell me, is the attitude towards immigrants from Eastern Europe — the rule or the exception?

— Rule without exceptions. Or rather, I did not observe such exceptions. I can not understand, in the previous year, 111,000 foreigners were granted residence permits in Sweden. You can guess who it is: Africans and Arabs. I lived among these people. Basically — parasitic elements that have never been integrated here, never learn their language does not, will not respect the culture.

People do not even know how to use the toilets. I had to teach. And when I, as a mother of Swedish citizens, among these 111,000 no place, it warps. As they all are and how to articulate — a natural inhuman bestiality. My older daughter at school Miroslav beat the Arabs. I even called the police shot at beating the child.

Police photographed bruises. And then the case was closed. Police — native Swedes — says: you do need to understand that they have a different culture.

For these guys in the EU closed the door.  That does not prevent them to climb through the window.
For these guys in the EU closed the door. That does not prevent them to climb through the window.

From an article by Olga

"I went to the dining room. For dinner — a plate of pasta and tea (in my opinion, no welding). All eatery packed with Somalis and Afghans. Eaten by hand. Belch. Child categorically refuses to eat. I take along a couple of slices of bread and cheese. At the entrance I inhibit workers-Arabs. They say, so they say, and this: nothing can take out of the dining room … During all the time that happened to take place in Tanum bastards workers rolled up to me with a hard-hitting proposals. Bastard who took a sandwich at Worlds plaintext offered soon: "Let's go for a walk together … then I'll very much bread and cheese will resolve to endure from the dining room! 'll Never go hungry with me! "…

Transit camp with a wonderful name Hashlemon is on the border with Sweden. Also in the woods. We lodge in the eight-women's room. The main contingent — Palestine, Iraq, China and Iran. Couples divide. Husband throw in a man's "camera", his wife — a feminine. They say that there are no places to settle family together … But what about Article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights on the "right to family"? .. And all sorts of conventions on human rights, fundamental freedoms? .. The world, my daughter went to a local school. It's not even a school, and a drama club …

About a thousand people — the majority of Arabs, Iranians and Somalis. And almost one guys. Can you imagine a situation in which I, a woman with a strong Slavic type of appearance, had to get there …

In the dining room we were fed like cattle. Plus, of iron reusable utensils (following the case of malaria as a not very nice to eat from plates / spoons / forks shared use). The menu — then pasta, then Fig. Meat given only once or twice. The child is almost impossible to sustain. Many people, including me, put there stomachs. Many chronic diseases worsened. Reaching out to the doctor — out of science fiction. Unreal. When asked in the dining room of milk for the baby, said that is not allowed. Like, just under 6 years. And in the eight years that the child no longer needs milk? .. "

— Olga, you are once again able to deportation, as I understand it. From Sweden.

— The Migration Office reported that at any moment I can send. And I'm not just a person who asks for political asylum. I got married here, had a child from a Swede. I applied for citizenship already the mother of a citizen of Sweden. Still threatening to deport.

— What then will be the fate of his son?

— The decision about the child said nothing. It can not be the subject of deportation from the country because he is a Swede. In addition, the spouse opposed to I took it with him.

Come back tomorrow

More or less normal was the third camp, where Olga and her daughter came over for a while. But even there, they had a difficult life.

It looks like one of the camps for displaced people.  A haven for Arabs and Somalis.  Hell - for all others.
It looks like one of the camps for displaced people. A haven for Arabs and Somalis. Hell — for all others.
Photo: zamnoy.com.

From an article by Olga

"My daughter finally went there in a regular school. The school refused to pay schoolbus — supposedly pay out of pocket. This is a heavy sum. Benefit — minuscule and can not find work. First, there is no solution. Secondly, we are in the wilderness, in isolation from civilization … The social worker said that though, they say, drives a bike to school. And it's a few miles away. But that is not the case. A cycle track is missing something! So, a child must ride on the highway with cars and other trucks. Naturally, the administration proposal I sent to hell. Well, that time met with the local Poles. They were taken every morning on the car of their children in the same school — along with Mirko with a grab …

Several times we urgently needed medical assistance — was refused. Plus forced to pay. A Somali man was dying out there in the waiting room of administration, in my eyes blacked out — "ER" refused to go. Like, let tomorrow come to the reception.

Pull teeth — also from the realm of fantasy. Have to pay a large part of the benefit. And then live on that for a month? What to eat?

I'm so in general there was an unenviable position. The only girl-Slav. Around thousands of Africans and Afghans. Protection of the camp there. Total anarchy. No one is responsible for anything. And the nearest police in which case — 40 km. After lunch at the camp of the administration has no one. Only one Papuan around. Darkness terrible. No lights, elementary lighting.

I'm constantly broke the windows in the room. Broke the door. Stick. Humiliated. Tried to buy, pay the money. There was a time when it just did not go out at all. Millions of times talking to local authorities about this. Asked the defense. Not so I ran away to Norway to another and there have additional problems and harassment. But I am no one and would not listen. Came local steward, putting in new glass — and the problem is over!

Congress I and the local branch of Amnesty International. They refused to help me at all and not even listened to the end …

Realizing that here I will get even more problems than I have, and that all may soon come to a tragedy that no aid should not wait here, I decide to leave quickly to Sweden. I voluntarily stopping its procedure in Norway and buy a ticket to Gothenburg.

I knew what was waiting for me in Sweden even more hell — Hell in a square or a cube. Even in such thrillers, perhaps, did not see … "

— Olga, you have long since left the transit camp. Still, the problems did not end?

-It's just humiliating attitude, dismissive. No rights. I can not use the medicine here, though officially married, I can not get a child fiat. You know, a little more — and I begin to think that we in Belarus human rights are respected more. In particular, with respect to family law, women's rights and children's rights.

When we are going through a difficult period in family relationships, local social services provide me and the children full support. As it turned out, only in words. In the middle of winter and I was thrown out of children's social hostel right on the street. Like, pay for accommodation will no longer be, go where you want …

 — We are now on hearing the story of the suicide in the Netherlands oppositionist Alexander Dolmatova. I have a feeling that he could not stand it clashes with the realities of the bureaucratic machine …

 — Most likely, the way it is. Speaking frankly, and I'm one step from the last time, too, was. Children kept — they have the same one will be left. Who but me. So good look at it, which is understandable: it is necessary to have a lot of courage to here is not to break. They (local migration services. — Comm. Aut.) Task — as soon as possible to get rid of people like me (preferably generally deport) or create such unbearable living conditions, content to the man himself ran away from there. And, believe me, many people do that — gathered belongings and fled. Because they felt that are already on the brink: another second — and may damage the reason, go mad, die! ..

PS We have just learned that on Wednesday, representatives of social service in Sweden together with several members of the Swedish police confiscated Olga Klaskouski her seven-month son (the subject of Swedish Crown) and the child was taken away in an unknown direction.


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