Outside of homosexuality. Politics Pride.

Country: United States
Director: Bob Christie
Written by: Bob Christie, Aerlyn Weissman
Produced by Morris Shapdelen, Charlie David, Christine Parker
Genre: Documentary.
Time: 87 min.
Year: 2012

The story of what is happening in different parts of the world with the rights of homosexuals and the base of them — the right to freedom of assembly.

The film tells the story of a gay parade — peaceful human rights marches. In some countries such as the United States and Israel, they go on for many years and have acquired the character of long carnival. In the other group of homosexuals can only secretly gather to private parties, which they dare to call Pride festival under threat of criminal prosecution. And in some countries, the director managed to witness the birth of the gay street stocks, the first steps of these processions.

Much of the film is devoted to the events in Russia. Along with the main character viewers have the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of those days when I was a's prohibited gay pride parade in Moscow. Then activists held two shares. One in the form of a procession near the monument to Peter Tchaikovsky with a big flag, donated by American human rights activists the Moscow activists. The second action, when the windows of the building opposite the Moscow mayor's office was posted huge banner denouncing homophobia Russian Government. Behind the scene are 8-hour assault "rebel" of the apartment by police and riot police cordoned off the entire yard to catch the four activists hung a banner in front of City Hall.

The documentary has won numerous awards at international film festivals.

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