Paulo Henrique dos Santos — Hulk captive. Brazil



35-year-old keeper Paulo Henrique dos Santos of Rio Janeiro participated in the contest for the best fancy dress. Paulo decided that he would represent the Incredible Hulk, and for greater plausibility body painted in green.  

Hulk enjoyed tremendous success in the competition and the costume really was a hit of the day. Everything would be fine if, after the difficult events Enrique did not have to take the normal human form. That's where the problems started.

The paint does not wash off. Paulo wanted to achieve rich color, and gained slightly unusual paint that in retail stores is not for sale. In hysterical Enrique found the used jar and finally read what is written on it. It turned out that what he has managed to smear his body, is used for painting submarines and oil tankers. Naturally, the most important property of colors used in such places — resistance to external influences of any kind. The Incredible Hulk is only now beginning to understand that he is shining for a long time decorating the streets of frog skin and cause ridicule malyshni. But Paulo are not easy to give up.

He has 20 baths in one day, he rubbed himself dressing bottle brush and brush for dishes, he ordered the store household chemicals in bulk all the cleaning supplies and in turn inflicted on their skin. It was painful, difficult and incredibly embarrassing, but nothing else left to do. Night came, and with it fears that the paint for submarines may well prove to be toxic to the body. Night of the newly-born Hulk held in plastic bags, trying to soften the effect of indelible ink. During the day, Paulo have been certain that the people who sold him the ill-fated bank should send to the devil, or at least on the court.

Fortunately, the story ended happily. After all the friends and relatives with the responsibility undertook skin Enrique, paint gave up and went with the water down the drain. But thanks to the incredible incident Paulo Henrique dos Santos became famous all over the Internet. He said, by the way, that nothing and no regrets if that — can repeat the feat. I liked the guy worldwide fame, not otherwise.


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