The experts of the British Ministry of Defense, after consultation with scientists and engineers said: the next 30 years of supernormal person will become a reality. In whom we have become?

Upgrading a secret

Wish list is quite extensive super-powers — the ability to move quickly through the water or air, more security, increased focus, vision, hearing, endurance, memory expansion, the ability to process more information, go without food and sleep. All this is available only until the heroes of comic books, science fiction books and movies. But soon the hour when a lot of this will become a reality.

Recently, the American Foundation Grinvoll doing research in the field of bioethics, has published an overview report dedicated to improving the risks as soldiers. Not for nothing the Americans touched the problems associated with the Army: upgrade human subjects from a professional point of view, first of all interested in the military, trying to get invincible fighters. These questions have long discussed at the conferences organized by the Agency of the Defense Advanced Research Projects of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA).

But the military is developing for the most part hidden under the "classified", however the development of science and technological advances offer the horizons of progress and super-powers in the civil sphere. The man has got some super powers. For example, the desire to fly for several years, is implemented using a wingsuit — special suits that allow to float in the air. However, today scientists understand what is missing man so that he could fly without the use of special tools.

"Now there are several problems that interfere with a person to fly: a large body mass and insufficient muscle strength and endurance, — says a member of the Coordinating Council of the Russian transhumanist movement Danila Medvedev. — All parts of the body are quite heavy in humans can be alleviated. For example, to reduce the weight by replacing the carbon composite for bone prostheses to be as strong, but ten times more. "

Georgia Institute of Technology recently announced unprecedented discovery. In its labs succeeded in creating artificial bones, which are able to "grow together" with other body tissues, such as tendons and muscles. These fabrics are created through genetic engineering: in fact, the polymeric material has been artificially crossed with skin cells. Muscles also can be replaced by artificial.

Already there are analogs that are designed for robots, but essentially the same functions as the human or animal muscle. Such an invention presented by researchers from the laboratory of biomimetics (borrowing ideas from nature. — "Results") of the Institute of Bioengineering of Auckland (New Zealand). In the future, the muscles made of special materials, will be 10 times lighter than natural, but twice as powerful.

As a person will become more and more artificial organs have to create a separate, too artificial, the power supply system. "And this issue is resolved, — said Danila Medvedev. — It will be based on power and control subsystems of natural organs. Already, there are technologies such as the blood vessels, the capillaries, promote nanoprovodki manageable and probes for medical research or, for example, to power the pacemaker.

If the matter is being addressed for each artificial organ separately, when there will be many, the issue will be resolved gradually with meals. All along the nerves, tendons and blood vessels person will simply stretched wires that supply electricity, artificial organs, and control them. " The set of items such as lighter bone replacement with artificial muscles, relief of other body parts, more efficient energy will cause the person to become three to four times more efficient muscle costs. This will be enough for him to fly.

Genes and robots

And man of the future should feel like a fish in water. Now the record for breath-hold diving is about 12 minutes. To achieve such results, the athletes train for years, but in the future people will be able to safely go without oxygen for hours. This ability, according Danila Medvedev, will provide the technology of artificial light, the modernization of the circulatory system, as well as gills.

The artificial lung may be implanted, for example, instead of a natural or generally as a supplement. It will be optimized for a more efficient extraction of oxygen from the air and possibly water. Furthermore, in tandem with this device can be installed and compressed oxygen tank, which provide an additional reserve. In addition to the efficiency of oxygen extraction will need to address the issue of its more optimal transfer and use in the body.

Futurists say that the natural principle of the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the organs and carbon dioxide back is not effective enough due to the low productivity of red blood cells. However, this problem is solved by means of special devices molecular nanorobotic respiratsitov into which gas can be injected under pressure, that is, its margin will increase proportionally to the compression force. Technologically, this model is working American expert Robert Freitas at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, author of the first study about the medical applications of nanotechnology and nano-robots.



The gist of it is that if the red blood cells — are small discs, the nanorobots-respiratsity will be a sapphire sphere. In size, they are much smaller than red blood cells, but more efficiently in 10,000 times because are able to store gas under pressure. It remains only to consider how they pump gas and how to exchange with authorities. In general, experts say, such a scheme will allow people who find themselves in a free environment, stop worrying about the next breath for at least two hours.

Experts can tell quite smoothly, how to, for example, from skin to make armor. To implement this supernormal in human genes will need to build a spider gene. Such experiments are now carried out with genetically modified goats that produce the protein — spider silk is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests.

This same protein using genetic engineering techniques can be incorporated into human skin, making it durable and resilient. If a person with such a armor more injured or maimed, to help him come supernormal not feel pain or maximum restraint to respond to the pain impulse. This function will take over the body of a built-in computer, which can in a split second to analyze the damage caused by the body and issue a decision.

They will either blocking pain, or release into the circulatory system of special healing substances. But the man of the future does not necessarily need to be present in hazardous locations. Get out of your own body and the virtual switch to man-made object will allow the system serving all major brain signals, for example, the robot hung with stereo cameras, microphones and motion sensors and touch.

In the future, genetic engineering, microelectronics and medicine will work together to develop a new material made of silicon and plastic, which will be "smarter" than living tissue. There is only one issue — the age-old philosophical "free will." Because in order to get super powers, one must give up individuality, becoming in effect a managed machine. Are there many such people? And while mankind is obtained by dividing by the adherents of natural and advanced bio-robots.

Who will survive at this turn of evolution? Scientists do not answer …

Vladimir Kryuchkov

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