Pharmacists are testing drugs that can prolong the lives of up to 150 years



Drugs that can stop aging and extend the average human life span to 150 years old, the biggest test farmgiganty world. Rumor has it that after five years on the market there will be drugs that will cure one disease at the same time to prevent another 20.

All substances are synthetic versions of resveratrol — a component of red wine, which the scientists for many years credited miraculous properties. In fact, it increases the expression of the gene responsible for the production of a protein SIRT1.

Scientists do not fully decided how resveratrol affects the protein (enzyme) SIRT1. However, it is known that the gene responsible for its production, is activated when a person performs exercise and reducing calorie intake. Pharmacists believe that they can "activate" SIRT1, when administered to the synthetic compound resveratrol (they operate more efficiently). To date, there are about 4 thousands of such compounds selected for testing three of them.

Farmgiganty such as GlaxoSmithKline, testing synthetic compound resveratrol in patients who are being treated for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases. Studies have shown that a single anti-aging enzyme can prevent the diseases associated with aging and extend human life.

Now, according DailyMail, 117 being tested drugs. They affect a single enzyme.

Subsequently, this work could lead to the emergence of a class of drugs that ultimately will help to eliminate malignant tumors, Alzheimer's disease and type II diabetes. According to an article in the journal Science, Professor David Sinclair (David Sinclair) from Harvard: "These medicines will cure one disease and prevent further 20 others. As a consequence, they will slow down aging."

Perhaps in the future there will be either pills or cream (and, most of all, and then, and more) that will overcome disease and aging. And, if it is prescribed for their detection of the disease, in the future they can be a preventive measure.

Add that previous studies have shown that mice are obese, getting a synthetic resveratrol could run twice the distance than their counterparts who do not use any additives in food. In addition, the life span of rodents of the first group was 15% more. If such results will be achieved in clinical trials — it will be a major breakthrough in medicine.

"As long as we try to understand whether receive any benefit from taking resveratrol substitutes healthy people. Could say that we have received encouraging results. Aging no longer seems quite so irreversible process as before. Some of us can live up to 150 years but it will take a lot of research, "- concludes Sinclair.

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