Pine Island glacier cracked

Pine Island glacier cracked Facts

In October 2011 the first flight over the island Pine in West Antarctica, researchers in the project IceBridge discovered a crack in the ice, which will cause the appearance of a new iceberg.

IceBridge — NASA, the purpose of which is to measure the thickness of the ice using laser radar and radar. Although the birth of icebergs not a rare phenomenon, the Pine Island Glacier is of particular interest to scientists. He is the most vulnerable point of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Rate of reduction of the ice island Pine at 100 meters per year is 7% of the total sea level rise.

The image was acquired by NASA satellite "Terra" November 13, 2011. By this time, crack, discovered in October, up by 30 miles and is 80 meters wide and 60 meters deep. In the end, the crack will go through the entire Pine Island Glacier. Separated iceberg falls into the Amundsen Sea. According to preliminary calculations, its area is 900 square kilometers. The fate of the iceberg is uniquely defined: broken away, it will slowly fade.

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