Plush pornography for Swiss children


Visual aids for the course rozdadut sex education for children from 4 to 10 and older in Basel. The set includes two Pups, picture books, as well as "funny" plush toys that mimic the genitals and into each other quite a grown-up.

In Switzerland, there is no single course of sexual education in schools. The Federal Department of Health is preparing a draft of such a course, which can enter into the compulsory curriculum in 2014, and before that time sexual education students at the mercy of fantasies school leaders of cities and cantons. In some regions, it does not, but in other children at risk, and learn to see so that not every adult can imagine!

In Basel for kindergartens and schools have prepared special sex kits with visual aids for the subject of "Sex Education". The Wonder of-the-box for the younger, from 4 to 10 years, two hidden Pups — a boy and a girl in blue in pink, puzzles and videos. And here's a surprise for students of 10 years more interesting: they will get to the penis, carved from wood (from the photo it is difficult to judge its size), as well as models of the intimate parts of both sexes, fabricated of — hold on, readers — short-haired fur gentle beige and pink. They are similar to natural no more than a plush panda at present, but still manages to look even more challenging than rubber goods from a sex shop.

In the near future sex kits will receive students from 30 schools and kindergartens. "Little bazeltsy must learn to distinguish between male and female body and know the names of sexual organs. They need to know how a child is conceived, as are birth. Sex-kit contains all the necessary visual aids and manuals with pictures "- with amazement the newspaper« Blick », which is generally difficult to surprise (dynamic« Blick »is considered the" yellow "from the Swiss press).

A child playing doctor will almost legalized. Keyword that kids are going to know — the desire. It turns out that it is not only a passionate desire ice cream or a new machine, but something particularly interesting to adults. "Touching the body can incite sexual desire", — says Daniel Schneider, one of the developers of the program for kindergartners. However, he also adds: "It is important that children know how to say" no "when they do not want to be touched."


The new methods of teaching sex to kindergarten has its supporters and opponents. "Children have a right to get answers to all your questions. Taboos that are imposed on society in some of the topics is the problem of adults, "- said the school doctor from Basel Thomas Steffen.

Against mandatory sex education courses in schools favored by more adults. In many cantons, parents and teachers are united in action groups against such education. According to the therapist and sexologist Daniel Trappich: "This school course — this is a scandal. Sexual education of children — parents' business. " "With such visual aids we approach to pornography" — outraged member of parliament Ulrich Shlyuer Zurich. He is supported by Lucerne policies Segmyuller Rius, who "has nothing against sex education in schools", but finds that "this project is close to a distortion." The MP from the canton of Uri Gaby Hyuber sure that "sexual education in this form should be the responsibility of the parents, and it has nothing to do in kindergarten."

The President of the Syndicate of teachers Romandskoy Switzerland Georges Pasker answered the question of the newspaper «Le Matin», and that he learned of the Basel colleagues from the press. But after seeing the pictures of what is contained in the sex kits, not sure what all this is really necessary to show the children. "My feeling is that these objects are more acquaint them with the anatomy than with sexuality. But the most important thing in sex education — it is a dialogue, the words are more important than the image. There are questions that children are sure to be asked, and those on which they umolchat of shame and shyness. Therefore, the most important thing in a dialogue with students — is to let them talk about what they actually care about. "

But … if you really follow a policy of full disclosure and denial taboos, why not make the dummy as close to reality? And then, faced with the practice grown-up child will look in vain for the very plush toy from their childhood fantasies, and not finding, experience terrible disappointment.

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